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About Us

Utility Bidder – A new way to get cheap gas and electricity

Utility Bidder is a revolutionary service, set up to ensure customers get cheap gas and electricity. In the current economic climate, which is forcing people to scrutinise their living costs, Utility Bidder is the perfect solution! Cheap gas and electricity brought to you by!

Register with our website, and let gas and electricity suppliers do battle for your business in a reverse auction. When a victor emerges with the most competitive price, simply sit back and let utilitybidder do the legwork.

All you need to do is enjoy cheap gas and electricity!      
  • No endless, time-consuming searches for cheap gas and electricity

  • No dealing with utility brokers

  • No hassle from gas and electricity suppliers’ sales people

  • No time spent switching accounts from one gas and electricity supplier to another

  • Clear, easy to understand process from beginning to end on Utility Bidder

  • Get cheap gas and electricity from the best gas and electricity supplier

  • View the auction on Utility Bidder auction, and watch your gas and electricity prices go down and down!

Let Utility Bidder do the hard work for you!

You cannot lose on, it is totally risk-free! There is no obligation and what’s more, our service is completely free! Utility Bidder charges gas and electricity suppliers to bid for your business. Register now to enjoy cheap gas and electricity.

Register with our website and one of our agents will be in touch soon.

Welcome to the energy revolution. Welcome to!

Proud partners of the NSPCC

Utility Bidder – Partnership with the NSPCC

We are proud partners of the NSPCC and we will be taking part in lots of fundraisers and events over the next year to raise money for a fantastic cause. We also have charity tariffs available to all our customers - a donation will be made on behalf of every charity contract that is sold from our fees. We will keep you updated with all the activities our company is undertaking to support the NSPCC and ChildLine - so be ready to donate to the UKs largest children’s charity. 

Charity Tariffs

When you are in your renewal period and we are retrieving quotes for your business energy you will be offered a charity tariff. The acceptance of the charity tariff will automatically place a donation into an NSPCC account. The donation will be taken out of our fee that is provided by the supplier plus any additional donation that the supplier would like to provide. You will receive a thank you letter for choosing that tariff with some information about company events and fundraising activities that will be held. We will also keep you informed of the total that you have contributed too. 


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