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3 key things to remember when switching business energy supplier

It’s prudent for all businesses to keep a close eye on their energy suppliers to ensure they’re getting the best deal possible. It’s a time investment that speaks for itself as many businesses of all sizes regularly report considerable savings on switching to a new business energy supplier.

When you do decide commercial energy though, keep this in mind.

Read the small print

It’s essential you know all the details of your contract before you even begin. Some contracts have a specific window in which you’re allowed to switch or to cancel the contract without penalty.

You should never be refused to be let out of your contract if you want to switch supplier, but if you do it at the wrong time you could be liable for some hefty charges to buy yourself out of the remainder of your contract, so consider your timing as carefully as possible.

Know your expectations

Many businesses switch to a different commercial energy supplier on the promise of saving money, only to not realise shortly afterwards when prices begin to creep up again in spite of energy usage not increasing.

Don’t ever take it as read that you’ll save money through the length of your new contract. Take a measure of the energy you’re using and exactly what you’re paying for it, and keep monitoring it through the duration of the contract to make sure you’re really saving the money you thought you were.

Be patient

To get the right deal for your business remember that you don’t have to jump on the first attractive offer you receive from a commercial energy supplier. You’re the one who is in control, only move when you’re ready.

Get in contact with as many business energy suppliers as possible and explain your current circumstances and what you’re looking for to see what they can do for you. You shouldn’t have to talk yourself into any deal that’s offered to you, so wait until the right energy contract becomes available. It’s a commitment for your business, so make sure you’re moving to the right commercial energy supplier for you.

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