5 top notch tips of getting the best deal from your energy supplier

Every business seeks to decrease costs and maximize profits. One of the practical ways to do so is by negotiating a better deal from your energy supplier. Contact your provider today and discuss this issue. There is no better time to do it than now. Before you make that phone call or visit their office, prepare yourself with some persuasive tips that will convince your provider.

Conduct research

Simply calling your provider and requesting a change is hardly convincing. Before you approach your business energy provider, seek information that will give you leverage or an upper hand during your negotiations. Better still, convince your provider that if changes are not made you are likely to switch suppliers. You will be surprised what your provider can do for you if they think you are truly ready to leave.


Most commercial energy suppliers have tariffs for different types of energies and form of contract. Request all the tariffs available in your locale and identify the cheapest plan. Alternatively, discuss a customized package with your provider if that is an option. Businesses have different features and consumption rates. These unique needs may allow flexibility in your prices. Ask for all your options and choose the ideal one.

Integrating types of energies

Evaluate whether using more than one source of energy is a cheaper option for your business. For instance, heating can use electricity or business gas. Incorporate different sources of energy and save on the extra cost of using one form of energy. Talk to your supplier about benefiting from various sources. Your provider will assist you in implementing these changes.

Switching suppliers

Getting the best deal from your energy provider does not necessarily mean retaining the same supplier. Compare the rates of your current supplier against other providers. If you cannot get the desired value from your present provider, switch to another one.

Be polite

Negotiations are about diplomacy and courtesy. Though you may be valuable to your provider, arrogance and aggression will not yield a positive outcome. Amicable discussions and persuasion will not only get you what you want but also cement the working relationship between you and your provider.

You do not have to go through this process by yourself. Utility Bidders are experts in assisting you in managing your business energy. They are also excellent in other management services such as business water, finance and telecoms. Regardless of whether the business is big or small, Utility Bidders are here to help. For instance, if your organization needs to switch suppliers, Utility Bidders will guide you every step of the way, and support you fully in future endeavours.

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