Big Energy Saving Week 2019 has tips for businesses too

Big Energy Saving Week 2019 has tips for businesses too

Once a year, during January, the Department of Energy, the Energy Saving Trust, Climate Change and Citizens Advice come together to provide information and support during Big Energy Saving Week. There’s no better time to be talking about how to shrink business energy use and bring down those gas and electricity costs than January and February, as a cold wind really begins to bite into the temperature and a company’s profits. Big Energy Saving Week is primarily aimed at domestic energy consumers, but businesses can also benefit by paying close attention to tips about how to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Think energy!

Domestic households may tremble when that energy bill in its brown envelope arrives through the letterbox demanding hundreds of pounds each year. But the bill is even larger for organisations in the UK who regularly spend thousands of pounds annually on business gas and electricity. Take the time to create and manage a targeted energy strategy for your business, with the focus firmly on reducing your energy consumption.

Act energy!

It isn’t always easy to motivate a whole team to take responsibility for reducing their energy costs. Explain to employees that by saving energy they increase the sustainability and profits of the business, which ultimately benefits their wage packets too. Encourage them to consider the effects energy wastage has on the environment. Some businesses align themselves with a worthwhile local charity and give a percentage of energy savings to the good cause, making everyone feel involved and more committed. Saving energy can actually be good for you!

Switch energy!

Don’t be afraid to shop around and switch! If gas and electricity prices have become a burden for a business, then it is time to get online and compare. Even if a fixed-term contract is already in place, a bit of research means that it is easy to swap as soon as it ends. If time is a valuable resource, then turn to a specialist in providing gas and electric contracts for UK businesses. Contact us today, remember, the bigger your business, the more you can save!

Image source: WBCSD logos from ‘CCS: a 2 degree solution’ (film) by Carbon Visuals licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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