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Business electricity prices

Renew or switch business electricity supplier?

Energy use continues to be a major cost for most businesses. With 80% of businesses overpaying on their bills - Whether you are a high electricity user or a service-based office, electricity expenditure makes up a substantial proportion of your monthly bills.


Most of the UK's electricity supply is generated from burning coal and oil. These supplies are imported from abroad and are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, forcing the energy market to look into alternative ways of producing electricity. With new technology and green energy generation, there are different options that could work for your business.

In line with energy shifts, our energy consultants can get exclusive rates by using our premier supplier pricing. Business electricity requires bespoke pricing and we offer an extensive range of competitive electricity packages to cater for different requirements from 27+ suppliers.

What are business electricity costs made up of?




Use of Systems charges


Government Schemes

As with all energy, there are many elements that are included in the cost of producing and distributing electricity. Third party costs contribute to a segment of electricity supplies and are increasing. Back in 2010 only one third of your energy would have been third party costs this has escalated to 45% of an energy bill in 2015. There is also transmission costs that are included. These have increased by 75% since 2010, the renewable obligation (RO) has increased by huge 225% since 2010 and the feed in tariff (FIT) has increased by 1,300% since 2010. Subsequently, business electricity prices per unit increased again 2018. This makes it imperative to compare business electricity prices online.

What percentage of your businesses electric bill is electricity...


Though these charges are steadily rising, do not underestimate the potential savings you could make on your business electricity contract. The complexities of the energy market can be overwhelming however, taking advantage of industry experts will guide your way to lower costs. We are ideally placed to advise on the best business energy deals.


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How To Switch to a Cheaper Electricity Rate


Our consultants are on hand to help. Fill in our simple contact form or call us free.

Another quick, easy way to switch business electricity is to complete a Letter of Authority (LOA) and send it back to us with your contact details – Download here

You can attach this to a contact form or email it through to info@utilitybidder.co.uk quoting WEB LOA. Once of our consultants will then call you to discuss your business and requirements.

Not sure about signing an LOA? Contact one of our commercial electricity experts today by clicking the below link. 

  • Frequently Asked Business Electricity Questions

How can I save money on business electricity?

To start saving money on your business electricity you have to tackle consumption and energy spend. Energy monitoring and saving devices are good, but if you want to save money you also have to look at your energy statements to see how much you're paying for your unit rate and daily standing charge. Keep your contract end date in mind, you can start comparing business electricity quotes up to one year before your contract end date. Your current rates will be used as a starting point. 

Many suppliers are offering their customers free smart meters, allowing you to monitor your usage in real time. Why not see what optional extras you can get with a contract by speaking to us today?

How do I read my electric meter & what are the different meter types?

Digital - Read from left to right. If you have 2 numbers due to having a ECO20:20 or Economy 7 meter, then take note of both readings.

Electronic - There's 2 different types of electronic meters. This could show a digital cycle display where you have to press a button to see the numbers, or they may visible at all times. Dismiss the red numbers and refer to your previous bill or Utility Bidder to find your day and night rates.

Dial - Always read the meter from left to right. If the number is between 2 different digits then take the lower number. If this is between 9 and 0 then take the number 9.

Why would I look to change my electricity contract early?

You may have seen the increase in your business electricity prices over time, this is because electricity costs are increasing.

Although prices are generally increasing, there's occasionally dips in the market (which need to be taken advantage of) but across the years, when analysing our date, prices / rates are inflating.

Securing a long term fixed contract early will help to protect you from the elements, although it can’t be avoided forever.

We recommend securing your new business electricity tariff early to avoid disappointment. Switched energy supplier with us before? Your account manager manage your business energy contracts, providing high customer service.

How do I find out when my electricity contract ends?

Your contract end date can be found on your bill, but if your struggling to find it then we can help. Our business electricity brokers are experts at analysing bills. You could be out of contract and paying inflated out of contract rates. 

Due to our status with brokers. We can help ensure that you switch to the best deal for your company. Call us today to find out if your business is paying too much.

What is a smart meter?

A smart mater automatically checks your energy consumption every month. Subsequently, your businesses electricity bills will be more accurate. This can help save on your electricity usage.

A lot of suppliers can offer smart meters for free as part of your deal.

When can I change electricity supplier?

You can switch your electricity supplier at the end of your contract. It's important to check if your contract has come to an end because your business could be on to a variable price plan. Variable rates are a lot higher then  your contract rate, therefore you will be paying a lot more!

Most electricity suppliers give you a six-month window to choose a new contract before the end date, some are generous and give you a whole year.

Chat with one of our friendly commercial team and we will look in to your bills and pricing for you. 

Small and large business electricity prices

Whether you have a small or a large business - electricity supply is important to the success of your company. Business electricity tariffs and deals vary depending on the type and size of your business. In most commercial cases, generalised price books or online generic commercial price quotes will not be the best deal for your company.

At Utility Bidder, we take on businesses as a case by case basis. Our knowledge of the industry and contacts allows us to win the best electric deal for your company.

Chat to our expert team about your small business electricity prices. Our corporate team can help you with any large consumption enquiries.

A guide to business electricity

Looking for a manual? A buyers guide? or a beginners guide to business electricity? Speak with our expert team today here.

Click here to see a list of the sectors that we specialise in and here for a list of our suppliers. We also have a number of useful energy and utility guides.

Is business electricity cheaper than residential?

Generally speaking, business prices are cheaper than domestic. However, there are a number of considerations to take in to account before choosing your tariff:

  1. What meter type is installed?
  2. How small or large is your energy usage?
  3. Business prices are usually fixed, is it a fixed price contract?
  4. Don't jump in, compare prices for both domestic
  5. Tax - could you claim back deductions 
  6. Discuss the protection that you will receive on your contract. Does this weigh up vs domestic?
  7. Is your business a micro business?
  8. Is your business energy contract short term or long term?
  9. Do you require gas and electricity?
  10. How long has your commercial electrical supply going to be active for?

Unmetered supply

An unmetered supply is connected to the distribution network, drawing a current, but doesn't have an active meter to record the consumption.

Does your premises have an unmetered electricity supply? We work with an abundance of unmetered energy supplies, such as motorway lighting and car park lighting. 

If you have a premises with no supply, one that requires a new supply or a new meter, then our team can help assist in resolving your meter and supply issues. Subsequently allowing you to continue with business as normal.


What are the additional charges on my bill?

There's many additional and inclusive charges that make up your statement. Only 45% of your unit rate is made up of raw electricity, the rest is made up of additional charges that get picked up on the journey to you. The cost of generating and distributing electricity for business is extremely high and over the years we have seen this increase dramatically. 

Figures suggest that this trend is set to continue, with business electricity prices per kwh continuing to increase. It's important to lock in the best deal for your business. 

Why would I use a broker / consultancy for my business electricity?

The initial renewal quote you receive from your current supplier is likely to be inflated. Having a good consultancy on board gives you access to all major suppliers and takes care of the process. Utility Bidder have access to live prices, allowing for negotiation of the best electricity deal for your business. If the best deal requires you to switch providers then we can deal with the whole process for you.

Speak to our experts today and we can compare business electricity prices and rates for you.

I’m moving premises, what do I do about my electricity supply?

If you're moving business premises, adding another site to your portfolio or cease trading, it's necessary that you let your electricity supplier know, or search for the best deal.

If you have a broker or consultancy on board, they can help with logging a change of tenancy (if required) and this take care of the set up at any new premises – that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Compare business electricity suppliers online

No matter if your a corporation or a small commercial unit, your electricity is important. Locking in the the best rates can influence the success of your business.

Due to the continuous inflation that we're seeing in prices, its becoming increasingly important to use industry knowledge and negotiating skills to drive the best price. 

Locking in the best deal over a longer period is becoming a better option for many companies. This ensures that your protected from market increases.

How much could you save for your business?

Both small businesses and large business electricity prices vary based on consumption, sector, location and contract length.

Corporate electricity rates vs small companies, means that collating generic quotes online is not a recommended solution. Each case should be treat on an individual basis.

Speaking with a professional in the industry, that has access to contacts within, can save you a lot of time and money. At Utility Bidder, we handle the process for you, from initial contact with our supplier account managers, down to the paperwork and bill queries. We will negotiate the best utilities tariff for you, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Cheap business electricity suppliers

In today's market, there's many new cheap business electricity tariffs & suppliers. This, combined with the big 6, creates a problem when choosing the right supplier. It's imperative that you invest time in to finding the right supplier. 

Unfortunately, prices are rising, and this trend will likely continue moving forwards. 

What is the average cost of electricity per month?

Cost and usage fall hand in hand - higher usage = higher cost. However, large usage can open up options to deliver efficiencies on your electricity business contract. Bespoke pricing for large electricity users / half hour meters and multi site locations influence the cost.

4 tips on getting cheaper business electricity

1. Use electricity from renewable sources

The Climate Change Levy is a tax that businesses need to pay for energy. It was designed to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. It applies to all agricultural, commercial, industrial, and public services businesses. 

When you consider that the average company uses between 15,000 and 25,000 kWh per annum, your CCL tax is likely to be between £85.20 and £142. 

You can eradicate this cost altogether by switching to renewable energy. This includes the likes of installing solar panels or switching to a renewable energy tariff. There are lots of providers available today that offer 100 per cent renewable energy. 

2. Consider your tariff options

A fixed tariff means that you will be charged a fixed fee depending on your use. This differs from the standard variable tariff, which you are likely to be paying now. A variable tariff is impacted by market fluctuations, whereas a fixed tariff is not.

There is no right or wrong answer when choosing between the two; it depends on your business and your use.

3. Sign up for a smart meter 

A smart meter does all of the hard work for you, meaning you don’t need to carry out meter readings yourself regularly. This is a new type of electricity meter that will send readings directly to your energy supplier, making your bills more accurate so you never pay over the odds. They're free to install, too.

4. Compare quotes before your contact ends

Before your contract ends, it is a good idea to shop around to get as many quotes from different suppliers as possible. You may find that you can get a much cheaper rate if you switch supplier. 

However, make sure you do this before the end of your contract. If you don’t, you will miss out on the chance to switch business electricity and secure a great deal. The best time to start looking is six months before the contract end date.

Compare business electricity prices pkwh

Check your business energy suppliers are authorised and regulated correctly by the ofgem confidence code and regulated by the financial conduct authority. This includes gas and electricity information for: Domestic consumers | Electricity - retail markets | Gas - retail markets | Licences, codes and standards.

We've included deemed business electricity prices per kwh below. These are rates that you can expect to see if your out of contract. Business electricity comparison website's can't update live prices that suit all businesses.

Electricity Supplier

£ Price Per KWH

Standing Charge pence / day

British Gas

British Gas


Scottish Power






Opus energy









Total Gas & Power





Dual Energy

Dual Energy


*electricity prices per kwh are believed to be accurate as of 09/04/19. We aim provide he most accurate information and aren't responsibility for any inaccurate pricing on this page.

UK business electricity companies by region*

When looking at business electricity comparison, it's important to take in to account your region. This can influence the outcome when looking at electricity for business. It's important to know where your business is located.

1Eastern EnglandUK Power Networks
2East MidlandsWestern Power Distribution
3LondonUK Power Networks
4Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North ShropshireSP Energy Networks
5West MidlandsWestern Power Distribution
6North East EnglandNorthern Powergrid
7North West EnglandElectricity North West
8North ScotlandScottish & Southern Electricity Networks
9South ScotlandSP Energy Networks
10South East EnglandUK Power Networks
11Southern EnglandScottish & Southern Electricity Networks
12South WalesWestern Power Distribution
13South West EnglandWestern Power Distribution
14YorkshireNorthern Powergrid

Data gathered from the nationalgrid

What is an electricity MPAN number?

A meter point administration number (MPAN) is used to specifically locate the electricity meter at your property / business. This can also be referred to as a 'supply number' or an 'S' number.

How do I find my MPAN number? - The MPAN number consists of 21 digits and can be found on your electricity bill. 

Please call us today if you would like us to help you  understand your bill or MPAN number. Every meter has it's own profile class - our experts can help you with this too.