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Our Merchant Service partners WorldPay offer you the chance to have your current merchant set up reviewed with one of their experts. Once they’ve identified your challenges and goals, they’ll set you up with a “payments prescription” to tackle the difficulties you’re experiencing as well as tips and hints for improving the way you handle your payments.

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    Compare business merchant services with Utility Bidder

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    WorldPay offers a diverse array of products and payment options which allows us to provide solutions that cater to both current payment demands and future growth prospects. All of WorldPay’s card terminals are equipped to support the latest chip and PIN card technology, contactless cards, and digital wallets. Furthermore, they accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Diners, AMEX, and China Union Pay.

    Worldpay’s solutions empower businesses to seize new opportunities, enhance payment processing efficiency, and deliver an exceptional omni-commerce customer experience.

    Improve your payment solutions with Utility Bidder and WorldPay

    Explore a diverse array of payment methods tailored to suit your business needs, ensuring a seamless and convenient payment experience for your customers. Contact us to chat with one of our experts and discover the perfect payment solution for your business.

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    Cutting-edge Performance

    WorldPay consistently allocates resources to enhance technology, ensuring a more seamless and higher-performance payment processing experience for your business.

    Competitive Pricing

    Benefit from competitive pricing, straightforward setup, and easy integration, making initiating payments swift and hassle-free.

    Security and Confidence

    With WorldPay’s wealth of experience and advanced technology, they actively work to minimise the risk of payment fraud, protect data, and reduce fraud liability.

    Support and Peace of Mind

    Count on WorldPay’s customer support team to assist you in navigating payment challenges, providing guidance to swiftly get your business back on track.

    Saving Energy at work
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    Compare business merchant services with Utility Bidder

    If your business is seeking payment processing solutions, get in touch with our experts today

    About Worldpay from FIS

    Worldpay payment processing solutions allow businesses to take, make and manage payments more seamlessly. Worldpay makes payouts to a broad network of suppliers and beneficiaries around the world, with capabilities to send money to approximately 225 markets in nearly 135 local currencies. FIS is a Fortune 500® company and is a member of Standard & Poor’s 500® Index. To learn more, visit www.fisglobal/en/merchant-solutions-worldpay Follow Worldpay on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@Worldpay_Global).

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