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Helping Robert Jones Photography capture precious memories: “Utility Bidder simply took control.”

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    Rated Excellent on Trustpilot
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    “It was about as easy a process as it could be. I left them to it and they were great at keeping me informed. I have used them ever since. They gave me a choice about how I could use and pay for gas. I decided that paying by standing order would be more cost-effective as Utility Bidder had secured such a favourable tariff.”

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    About Rob Jones

    Rob Jones Photography has been capturing precious memories for families in South Wales for five years.

    Rob and his partner Sara are both BANPAS registered Newborn Photographers although it’s usually Rob taking the photos as Sara poses and looks after the babies and toddlers. Together they create beautiful portraits that will stand the test of time and are treasured by families for years.

    When Rob opened his first studio, he simply carried on the business gas and electricity contracts he had inherited for the premises.

    Rob says that thanks to the competitive rates secured by Utility Bidder in his studio, it would be cheaper to live there than at home! “We pay about £30 a month for gas during the winter and around £25 a month for electricity – and that’s despite having a lot of energy-guzzling equipment such as studio lights and fan heaters. Our energy bills at home are far more expensive!”

    “I love being able to deal with a professional company that really know their stuff. I have relied on recommendation to grow my businesses and I am more than happy to recommend Utility Bidder to other businesses in this area.”

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    Utility bidders response

    Rob did some research online and decided to speak to two companies, Utility Bidder and a competitor. “I was immediately put off by the second company, who took a ‘hard sell’ approach and were quite pushy.

    “Utility Bidder, on the other hand, was just pleasant and easygoing. They just provided me with the information I needed to make my decision and left me with it. It was all very relaxed.

    As well as helping Rob maintain manageable business utility bills Utility Bidder provide him with peace of mind.

    “I wasn’t thinking about saving money on my utilities, I was too busy establishing my business and earning a living. However, when we moved to a second, larger studio, I decided to see if I could reduce my outgoings.”

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    How did Utility Bidder help?

    Rob was impressed with this approach and decided he wanted to work with Utility Bidder. He instructed us to switch providers and left us to do our thing. Utility Bidder searched dozens of providers large and small to find the most competitive gas and electricity prices which left Rob free to get on with running his business.


    Rob Jones feedback

    Rob Jones Photography is so successful that the company moved into a third and even larger premises. “In studio number three the gas had been disconnected but I simply provided Utility Bidder with meter point information and they got the connection live again.

    “I only have to speak to Utility Bidder once every blue moon, but because I have a named Account Manager, she immediately knows me and my business.”

    “It’s a shame Utility Bidder only does commercial gas and electricity as my business energy costs are half the price of those I have to pay at home!”

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