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How to choose an energy provider

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How to choose an energy provider

Business energy is so often in a state of flux, making it confusing at the best of times. For a business to benefit, it is important to understand energy use and take the necessary steps to become more energy efficient.

Can I choose my electricity company?

Absolutely! The electricity industry in the UK is a free and open market, meaning you have the right to choose which electricity company you would like to supply your home or business. This means you are free to shop around and use price comparison tools to find the best suited electricity suppliers and tariffs to provide your home and business energy.

Which electricity supplier to choose?

When it comes to selecting which electricity supplier will best suit your specific needs, there are a number of factors that you should consider before you sign up and become tied into a tariff with one supplier. This is particularly important for businesses, as corporate electricity contracts tend to be fixed-term, meaning you will be unable to switch to a new provider once you have signed a contract until that deal naturally expires.

Before researching deals and comparing the market, you should first consider the following variables:

  • How much electricity (in kWh) does your home/business typically use?
  • When in the day does your home/business consume the most electricity?
  • Are you looking for a supplier that will simply provide your home/business with the cheapest deal, or are you interested in deals with built-in service extras and perks?
  • Do you want a specialist green electricity supplier that can help your home/business become more environmentally-friendly and sustainable?

Once you have answers to these basic questions, the search to find the most suitable electricity supplier for you can begin. As well as using industry-expert price comparison websites such as Utility Bidder to narrow down your search, cut through the noise and find the best deals for you, other resources such as Trustpilot and Ofgem can help you decide by providing helpful, independently-collated reviews and rankings.

Can I choose my water provider?

Under current UK law, domestic homeowners are not able to choose their own water provider or sewerage service provider. This means that the company that provides your property with water depends solely on where you live. While you can’t change your supplier, you can usually choose the nature of your plan. Typically you can choose between installing a water meter that means you only pay for the water you use or, alternatively, you can pay a fixed price for your water which stays the same regardless of how much water you use.

While individual households are unable to select their own water provider, this is not the case for businesses. Since the deregulation of the commercial water market in 2017, businesses have been able to choose their own supplier and switch companies at the end of a contract, allowing savings to be found. The easiest method of finding the best water rates for your business is to use a specialist price comparison site such as Utility Bidder. We can help your business secure the best water rates through the use of our excellent supplier relations and expert market insights.

How do I find the cheapest energy supplier?

Finding the cheapest energy supplier for your home or business is all about staying on top of market trends and regularly comparing the offers available to you. When it comes to domestic energy, switching suppliers if you find a better deal is usually very simple and far more common than you may think. Between January and May 2019 alone, over two million people in the UK switched gas suppliers, while almost 2.5 million changed electricity companies. Finding the cheapest deal simply requires a little bit of research and comparison work.

Although switching is not quite as straightforward for businesses, as their contracts tend to be fixed – meaning they have to wait until their contract is coming to an end before switching – the key to finding the cheapest suppliers is to watch out for industry trends and begin to compare the offers available to you when your current deals are close to expiring.

How to choose the best gas and electricity supplier

Choosing the best energy supplier to suit your specific wants and needs, rather than just looking for the cheapest deal, requires a clear plan of what you are looking for. Do you want a supplier that can help you make your household or business more eco-friendly? Do you want an innovative supplier that makes the most of new smart technology? Do you want a locally-run provider that can guarantee the best maintenance and support services? When it comes to finding the best fit, these are the questions you will need to answer first.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want from your energy supplier, you may wish to compare various suppliers and plans to find the best deal for you at the cheapest price possible. Utility Bidder can help you with this. Simply tell us your name, phone number and postcode, along with any specific requirements you may be looking for with your new supplier, and we’ll give you a call to discuss the best choices for your business.


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