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Our Suppliers

Save money with Utility Bidder by taking advantage of our exceptional supplier relationships.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve developed strong, unique relationships with gas and electricity suppliers across the UK. Currently we work with more than 27 UK energy companies, and the list is growing all the time.

Take a look at the current list of energy suppliers in the UK we currently work with, and click to find out more.

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Our premier status with major UK suppliers

Utility Bidder is proud to enjoy ‘premier’ status with all of the UK’s leading energy suppliers. The list includes British Gas, Scottish Power, E.ON, EDF Energy, NPower and many more.

We’ve also built up strong relationships with smaller, more specialist companies too. These include green energy specialists such as Opus Energy and Engie. These companies are committed to providing 100% renewable energy and working towards a zero-carbon future.

Our tight knit partnerships with an ever-growing supplier list are what make us unique. It puts Utility Bidder on a very exclusive list of partners able to access special prices. We also have a wider choice of tariffs and packages to offer our customers.

It is this premier status with suppliers that makes us the very best choice to save you money on business energy. We’ll save you time and cut your energy bills down to size. Work with Utility Bidder and you could save as much as 45% on energy costs.

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How our supplier relationships can save you money

Exclusive prices you won’t find anywhere else

When you compare business energy suppliers online, you’ll usually get generic quotes. These are the prices that everyone else can access too. But if you work with a specialist like Utility Bidder, you’ll get exclusive pricing instead. This is because of our premier status with UK suppliers.

We have a foot in the door to packages, tariffs and rates you won’t find anywhere else. This includes fixed price products, so you can lock into the most affordable rates. If there’s a cheaper energy deal out there, we’re best placed to find it.

When it comes to business energy, it’ll always make up a considerable proportion of your outgoings. This is the case even if you’re committed to energy efficiency across your business. This is why it’s crucial to find savings wherever you can. By taking advantage of Utility Bidder’s unique position among energy suppliers, you can access better deals.

Every penny you save means lower costs and higher profits for your business. You could even end up saving hundreds if not thousands of pounds every year. You never know – you could be missing out on the chance to make huge savings on your energy bills.

And all this can happen with just a few clicks and waiting only five minutes for your unique quote.

So, save more with Utility Bidder today.

Bespoke quotes and recommendations

The chance to unlock access to thousands of exclusive tariffs and packages is great news for your business. But it can be bewildering – how do you choose the best solution?

This is where our expertise comes in. Our business energy consultants not only show you the best prices, they can also recommend the solutions that suit your business needs exactly. They’ll take into account the size of your business and sector, plus other factors such as your sustainability goals.

We have in-depth knowledge of each of the big energy suppliers, plus smaller specialist companies. Using this, we can recommend the best fit for your business. So, you’ll save money and have a solution that works the way you need it to.

One of the reasons that business owners love working with us is our full-service approach. You don’t have time to search the market and chase up quotes from 27+ different providers. It can also be complicated to understand the energy market. What’s more, the different charges on your energy bills can sometimes be baffling.

And can you be sure you have a true picture of your energy usage? Without this, you won’t be able to compare quotes with any degree of accuracy.

Utility Bidder handles all of these concerns for you. We save you time, by carrying out price comparisons on your behalf. Thanks to our sophisticated systems and access to live prices, we can even give you tailored quotes in as little as five minutes.

We also draw on our supplier contacts and expertise to provide bespoke recommendations. To make sure these are 100% accurate, our consultants will cast an expert eye over your energy bills and meter readings.

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    We've saved up to 45% off utility bills for over 60,000 businesses across the UK. We often secure better rates without having to switch suppliers too.


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