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British Gas Business Energy Rates


British Gas is part of Centrica PLC a British international energy and services company which is headquartered in Berkshire.  It has several brands and you will be familiar with British Gas which is the UK’s biggest energy provider. The British Gas we know today, began life as the The Gas Light & Coke Company (GLCC) in 1812 and in 1986 the gas industry was privatised and British Gas Plc was formed. It supplies energy to over 500,000 British businesses, making it the biggest commercial energy provider. Utility Bidder is therefore delighted to be a business partner with such a major brand name which means we can offer your business tailored product and services.

British Gas Business

British Gas Business Plans

British Gas provides business energy on a fixed price plan of between 1 and 3 years which allows you to pay the same unit rate during that period.  A flexible option means that the unit rate could go up and down. As British Gas is such a large operation, it offers a full range of commercial services for your business and that starts with a boiler service for all new or renewing customers.

There are numerous plans British Gas could offer your business.  A Fixed Price Energy Plan offers a fixed unit rate for 1, 2 or 3 years and regardless of what happens to market prices your price will remain the same which allows you to budget more accurately.  You will receive a letter from British Gas around 60 days before your fixed energy plan ends and this is a good time to speak to Utility Bidder to see how we can help you find a new deal. British Gas don’t auto renew and so it’s really important to speak to us as otherwise you could be moved onto a Variable Price Plan which can be more expensive.

If you don’t want to be locked in to a fixed price, the 30-Day Rolling Energy Plan offers more freedom. This is only available to new customers and of course, means your energy costs can go up or down and British Gas will let you know at least 30 days in advance if the prices are going to change.

Smart Meters

British Gas are keen to encourage big business customers to move to smart meters which will show your energy usage in real time (usually every 30 minutes).  These are ideal for large businesses that are electricity intensive. British Gas can give a price in minutes once you provide them with some basic information and they also offer a boiler service (up to 790kW) as part of the package. Once you have a smart meter British Gas can then have a more accurate picture of your energy usage and so offer you a more tailored deal.

Gas Safety

As an employer of any size your business has a legal obligation to ensure that any gas appliance, pipe work and flue is maintained and checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Due to its size, British Gas offers a team of certified engineers across the country and a 24/7, 365-day support line. Using British Gas will provide you with the relevant certification and documentation as well as peace of mind. The company offer various levels of annual service for numerous appliances including boilers, heaters, catering and laundry equipment


If you are a commercial landlord of properties, shops or care homes or, if you are a managing or letting agent, British Gas offer a commercial landlord tariff that last for six months. This provides more flexibility and offers fixed unit rates. British Gas can also help ensure you meet your legal responsibilities around gas safety and offer a Gas Safety Record to carry out annual service and repairs on gas appliances.

Large business energy users

British Gas has developed a specific application for large energy business users, those who spend more than £100,000 per year on gas or electricity.  Energy360 is an energy management platform which help your business understand usage and so have more control over consumption and ultimately costs.  Software allows you to view and report on data from meters which should help you identify how you can reduce wastage.  If you have numerous sites you can develop league tables and set alarms and alerts if there are any unexpected changes.  It also makes it easier for your business to comply with schemes such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.

Energy360 has three levels to choose from. Monitor which is suitable for businesses who want to monitor and reduce consumption. Control for businesses who want more engagement with consumption across their portfolio and Master, which offers full control of energy performance and so enjoy reduced costs and return on investment across their portfolio.


British Gas can also discuss alternative energy solutions if you are a larger business and thanks to its experience as a national energy service and maintenance provider it is leading in the design, installation and maintenance of heating, hot water and renewable energy solutions.  For example, industrial hot water systems can be powered by air source heat pumps or bio mass boilers. British Gas is happy to discuss Solar PV, CHP, which changes natural gas into electricity and heat, Gas Engines and Battery which allows you to store electricity in low demand periods and use it in high demand.

The company offer a 100% renewable electricity product for business customers which is independently certified by the Carbon Trust and it is one of only two suppliers that has this status and is the largest. If you do choose this contract every megawatt-hour of electricity you use will be matched with the same volume of renewable energy supplied to the gird and so it allows you to report zero grams C02 per kWh in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Scope 2 guidance.

2030 Ambitions

Centrica Plc has set out a 2030 responsible business ambition plan which includes making energy easier to understand for customers and developing more tailored solutions.  As a major energy company, it is also committed to shaping a low carbon future by helping businesses to reduce emissions as well as its own. Finally, it wants to build a diverse workforce which will include helping a million carers stay in, or return to work, by promoting career-positive policies.

Utility Bidder love working with British Gas because:

  • Its size means it can offer numerous business energy solutions
  • We are a key partner with British Gas and so can offer our customers tailored packages
  • It has some innovative solutions for big business.

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