Crown Gas & Power Energy Tariffs

Crown Gas & Power is an independent business gas supplier to the commercial sector. It’s one of 27+ energy suppliers  we’re proud to work with.

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Crown gas and power
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Crown Gas & Power Energy Tariffs

Compare business energy deals  with Utility Bidder for access to exclusive prices from Crown Gas & Power. Due to our close working relationship, we can also unlock tariffs you won’t find anywhere else.

Crown gas and power overview

The company only supplies gas although it can also provide gas, electricity and water connections if necessary. It has been supplying gas to businesses since 2001 and is renowned for its competitive prices and first-class customer service – we have a lot in common.

The company offer a range of gas product such as fully fixed contracts which offer fixed prices over a contract term based on your company’s needs, to pass through contracts which passed any transportation costs to the customer. The fully inclusive contact will eliminate any standing charges for contracts up to 500,000kWh. It also offers Siteworks, a full white label service that provides utility connections and disconnections and alter pressure.

For those businesses looking for environmentally friendly solutions, you can choose to offset your carbon with a range of bespoke solutions or you can buy green gas. It promises competitive prices, automated meter reader installations, online live chat, a UK based call centre and variable-length contracts.

If Corporate Social Responsibility is important to you then you may be interested to know that Crown Gas and Power regularly donate to charities across Greater Manchester (where they are headquartered) and have raised thousands of pounds over the years. It also provides an apprenticeship program for young people.

Whether you are running a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), a large industrial business or multi-site organisation, its business gas products and services can be tailored to suit your needs.

We love working with Crown Gas & Power because:

  • It transfers supply in 15 days with little or no disruption
  • It offers a password protected customer portal, which helps you see where you are spending and how much
  • Customers can submit meter readings by phone, online or via email.
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Your at-a-glance guide to Crown Gas & Power

Crown powers UK businesses, and has done since 2001. It’s a commercial specialist with a fascinating history. Its origins can be traced back to the current Chairman’s grandfather, who sold firelighters, candles and lamp oil from the back of his horse and cart! If you like a company that has strong family values, Crown Gas & Power is the ideal choice.

The company supplies business gas . However, if you need both gas and electricity, or additional services – Crown can help. The energy expert can also provide gas, electricity  and water connections if necessary.

With nearly 20 years’ experience supplying gas to businesses, Crown Gas & Power is renowned for its competitive prices. It’s also famous for providing first-class customer service.

These are both qualities you’ll find at Utility Bidder too – so we have a lot in common. This is one of the main reasons we’re delighted to have Crown as our business partner. The company is a close match for our business, sharing our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Crown Gas & Power deals

If you’re looking to switch supplier, Crown Gas & Power is a fantastic choice.

The company offers a wide range of gas products, including fully fixed contracts. These provide fixed prices over a contract term based on your company’s needs. This gives you a degree of security even as the energy market fluctuates. It also makes it easier to budget for your gas supply.

Crown Gas & Power has solutions available for businesses of all sizes and in sectors. It offers specialist products for SMEs, as well as larger businesses. If you run a multi-site business, there’s a tailor-made package for you too.

You can also choose from fully inclusive contracts. These eliminate standing charges for contracts up to 500,000kWh.

While Crown Gas & Power specialises in business gas , it can help with other utility connections too. Its dedicated energy division works with trusted partners to connect your business electricity  and water. Need help to relocate meters or get set up with a smart meter? You’ll be fully supported at every stage.

Crown is no ordinary energy supplier . It has business gas experts on hand to offer advice and support, along with full consultancy services should you need them. These services are fully personalised, helping to find tailored solutions that meet your exact needs.

Additional products include Siteworks, a full white label service providing utility connections, disconnections and service alterations.

If you use Utility Bidder to switch to Crown Gas & Power, you’ll get the benefit of a dedicated account manager to oversee the process for you. They’ll use their close contacts with Crown, one of our trusted suppliers, to ensure the switch happens quickly, smoothly and with minimum disruption. Typically, switches are completed in as little as 15 days.

Together, we’ll get your business onto the plan that works for you, and your budget.

You’ll not only get the expertise and fantastic customer service that Crown Gas & Power offers – but the full support of Utility Bidder’s exceptional service too.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can start saving money by making the switch.


Green gas solutions from Crown Gas & Power

Is your business searching for environmentally friendly solutions for your energy supply? If you’d like to move away from fossil fuels such as natural gas, take a look at green gas from Crown Gas & Power.

As well as being better for the environment, you’ll love the energy savings you could make with a greener fuel source.

Reduce your Businesses Carbon Footprint

With Crown Gas & Power, you can choose to offset your carbon with a range of bespoke solutions. These include securing a Carbon Neutral Gas Contract, where Carbon Credits are used to offset the carbon from your gas supply. You can also calculate your own carbon footprint, and buy carbon certificates directly from the company.

Alternatively, you can buy green gas. This is where organic material (i.e. food and agricultural waste) is converted into biomethane using a natural process called anaerobic digestion. This renewable power source has the same composition and characteristics as fossil gas, but is carbon neutral.

Uniquely, the company now offers a choice of green gas plans using different levels of biomethane in the fuel mix. Take your pick from 25%, 50% and 100% green gas – so you can reduce your carbon footprint at a price that suits your budget.

Green gas solutions  from Crown Gas & Power deliver competitive prices, automated meter reader installations and variable length contracts. You’ll also be supported by excellent customer service, including online live chat and a UK-based call centre.

With sustainable solutions from Crown, oil, coal and CO2-producing fuel sources such as natural gas don’t have to be a part of your energy supply.

If corporate social responsibility is important to you, you’ll be delighted to know that Crown Gas & Power regularly donates to charities across Greater Manchester. This is where the business is headquartered. Over the years, Crown has raised thousands of pounds in its home city. It also provides an inspiring apprenticeship programme for young people.


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