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Dual Energy Business

Dual Energy was established in 2009 and bills itself as a genuine low-cost alternative to the ‘Big Six’ energy providers. It has grown quickly and Dual Energy has been identified as one of London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain and has been listed in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 for 2014.

One of its key business propositions is to promote the use of smart meters which it believes is crucial to every business regardless of size. It is working towards the goal that every business should have a smart meter installed by 2020. The company offers a Web Analyser Service, which when used in conjunction with a Smart Meter provides a comprehensive analysis of your business's energy consumption. It allows you to monitor valuable usage data at up to half hour intervals on a daily or monthly basis to identify ways to save energy and makes it easy for you to understand where and when you use your electricity supply although a small charge is applied. The results from this technology should help your business modify its behaviour to reduce energy wastage.

In terms of tariffs, the SmartTracker product allows a business to fix to their lowest prices for the first 12 months. They also offer a Price Promise Guarantee which offers to match any better deals. With SmartFix you can fix for up to three years – just find the term that best suits your business. For gas, the SmartTRACKER offer their lowest prices for the first 12 months which is reviewed annually and once again, if you find a better deal elsewhere they will match it.

The company’s research also found that small businesses would prefer to pay for energy in the same way domestic customers do; through controllable fixed amounts and so they introduced Budget Plan for electricity. This allows business customers to have predictable outgoings, be protected from back-billing, and remove the concern of seasonal fluctuations by smoothing payments through the summer and the winter months. This means no nasty surprises for SMEs who need to plan their outgoings and so can manage their cash flow more effectively.

Utility Bidder love working with Dual Energy because:

  • It’s leading the field in promoting the use of Smart Meters
  • It’s budget planning is really handy for SMEs
  • The Web Analyser service really help analyse consumption

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