Utility Bidder’s Digital Marketing Scholarship Award

Utility Bidder’s Digital Marketing Scholarship Program Launches

Utility Bidder, a company that has revolutionised the market for businesses who want low energy prices without compromising on service, are opening their doors to one lucky student for the first time.

Utility Bidder is a leading example in bringing competitive commercial energy supply services to the market, and the digital marketing scholarship on offer is a unique step for students looking for work experience.

This opportunity is open to a passionate and eager student looking to join the team on a two-week internship. The unique experience will boost career prospects and offers not only financial assistance but also a recognised certification in Digital Marketing.

The brand new Digital Marketing Internship at Utility Bidder is a one of a kind opportunity to get experience in this exciting sector. The student will learn about marketing in the energy supply sector, but there is also the chance to implement strategies for internal communication.

The program invites all eligible students who are interested in furthering their knowledge and skills in the marketing sector. There are three awards on offer: a 2-week internship at Utility Bidder, Digital Marketing Certification and $1000.

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic opportunity, students will need to complete an engaging and unique essay on the topic: How Businesses Can Utilise Digital Marketing. The deadline for entries is 30th April 2021 and eligible individuals for the prize must be a current student or a prospective student already accepted onto a university course.

Utility Bidder’s Digital Marketing Scholarship Award

The Award

1 – A 2-week internship at Utility Bidder

2 – A reputable digital marketing certification

3 – $1000


  • Current or prospective student accepted onto a university course.
  • Located either in the UK or the US.

How to Enter:

Please write an engaging essay of 1000 words plus on the topic:

How Businesses Can Use Digital Marketing To Increase Sales

Eligible article entries need to be published on your university blog or other blog platforms such as Medium, Blogger. Here is an example of a great article if you want more information on this – click here.

The article should include 2-4 citation links to major marketing websites as well as including one link to https://www.utilitybidder.co.uk/.

Once completed, please email the essay to our team and ensure your published link to the article is included.

Deadline: Enter before the 30th April 2021

If you have any questions about the above award and entry requirements, please contact g.bowden@utilitybidder.co.uk

Good luck!

About Utility Bidder:

Utility Bidder is a revolutionary service that plays an integral part in bringing low energy prices to businesses across the country. As a leader in the industry, Utility Bidder takes the hard work out of finding cheaper energy costs to help companies reduce overheads.

Committed to excellent customer service, Utility Bidder is recognised for assisting customers in choosing the best products for their needs. Every quote is tailored to commercial markets, and the improved handover process ensures a streamlined customer experience.


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