Energy Audits

Are energy audits worth it?

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Are energy audits worth it?
are energy audits worth it

Energy audits can be a great way to determine whether your business is using energy efficiently. So, if you think there is room for improvement or you want to discover where energy is being wasted on your premises, an energy audit could be exactly what you need.

energy audits

Do I need an energy audit?

There are a few reasons why you may want to perform an energy audit on your business premises and why sometimes it is needed.

You might have noticed that your energy bills have been creeping up in price. This can happen gradually or all at once. If this is the case, you should first check your bill to ensure that the provider hasn’t increased their prices. Once you’ve confirmed this isn’t the reason, there could be a change in your business that means some appliances are using more electricity. Alternatively, it could be a faulty appliance that is using more energy than it should. Either way, this would be a good reason to get an energy audit and determine the cause of the price increase.

Perhaps you’d just like to see if you can reduce your business’ energy consumption. An energy audit, as we’ll explain in the next section, could show you which appliances are using too much energy or how you could decrease usage. This would reduce your carbon footprint and might even save you money – the less energy you use, the less you pay. Running a business more efficiently could result in an improvement in staff efficiency too, so the audit could help you in more ways than one.

What can an energy audit show you?

An energy audit will show you exactly where energy is being wasted in your business so that you can either alter the way you use gas and electricity or look into the kinds of upgrades that can be made to increase efficiency.

It could show you where heat is being lost so that you can install double glazing, additional sealant or better quality insulation. It might be able to highlight where moisture or water is coming into the building that could eventually cause mould or damage, such as rot. The audit could also analyse your appliances to determine their efficiency ratings.

While some fixes could cost you money, you’d likely save on your energy bills and it wouldn’t take long for the money invested to be returned to you.

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How do I get an energy audit?

An energy audit can be completed by a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing and how they could save you money. You could find a reputable company by seeing who other businesses use or through a website such as Trustpilot, or even by performing a Google search. Do be sure to check their reviews first to find out what other clients thought of their service. Once you’ve found someone, book an appointment at a time that suits you.

Alternatively, you may prefer to perform a basic audit yourself. Energy audits don’t always have to be completed by an electrical engineer and a quick walk around could provide a lot of information about your business energy usage.

First, you should locate any drafts that could be allowing heat to escape unnecessarily. You should check around window and door frames, floorboards, skirting boards and anywhere else there are joins or seals. You should also monitor the behaviour of your customers. For example, the door might stick open every time a customer comes in, allowing heat to escape and cold air to come in.

Then, you should check your insulation. If the commercial space has an attic of some kind, this should be checked for effective insulation. You could also attempt to find out if the walls have cavity insulation installed.

Next, it’s time to think about lighting. Are staff members leaving lights unnecessarily? Are the bulbs the most energy efficient? Lighting will account for around 10 per cent of your total energy bill, so installing some quality eco-friendly bulbs could make a difference.

Finally, any appliances and electronics should be reviewed to see if they’re frequently being left on, being overloaded or otherwise wasting energy.

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