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Three ways to make your employees more energy conscious

As an entrepreneur or manager, you may be keen to introduce new commercial energy plans and initiatives that will save electricity in the workplace. However, implementing an effective plan for energy efficiency takes more than simply instating new rules and regulations – it also means ensuring that employees are engaged and educated about the importance of energy-saving practices.

Fortunately, we’ve set out some simple tips and tricks to ensure that your energy saving plans are a team effort, rather than a fruitless solo mission. Just remember that some employees may find change difficult, so make sure to present energy-efficiency as a positive opportunity, reminding them that the success and reputation of the business will reflect well on them as professionals.

1. Make sure to reach employees on a personal level

Deep down, everyone knows that saving energy is a positive thing to do, but it can be a difficult message to take on board when delivered in cold, bland terms. In this way, you may want to think about creating a workplace campaign around energy efficiency, adopting slogans and building up team spirit to ensure that everyone wants to get involved. Why not come up with a few games, make a few humorous posters or offer small rewards for getting involved with the campaign? Personal touches really are key when it comes to getting people to take action.

2. Educate your staff

You may think you know everything about saving energy, but you may be surprised about the seemingly innocuous employee habits that are costing you money. In this way, it may be a good idea to do a little internal research about how your business uses energy, the results of which can be disseminated across the company. Knowing where most of your energy costs are going should be the first step in tackling them. Why not conduct a brainstorming session and ask colleagues about their suggestions about reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint and energy bill? 

3. Post energy-saving hints and tips around the office

One of the biggest obstacles to energy efficiency is simple human forgetfulness. To tackle this, it may be helpful to post friendly reminders near appliances and light switches to nudge scatter-brained employees in the right direction. They will soon get the hang of things!

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