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How to reduce your business electricity bills

One of the most important decisions you will come to as a business owner is choosing your utility provider, specifically for business electricity. The provider you sign up with and the deal you choose could enable you to make some significant savings, but there are also things you can do as a company to keep those bills down.

In this article, we look at some money saving tips for companies who want to keep a lid on their electricity consumption:

1. Insulation and double glazing

When it comes to heating your workplace with your business electricity supply, you might be using more than you need to. That's if you haven't had windows double glazed, or your walls sufficiently insulated. Taking these measures in your workplace can prevent heat from escaping your building, meaning that you are using less electricity.

2. Energy-efficient lighting

Your lighting is likely to take up a sizable share of your electricity usage, especially if you are working into the night time. A good way of keeping your usage down to a minimum is with energy efficient lightbulbs, which use just a fraction of power that the standard varieties on the market do. You can also install timers for your lighting system, which can ensure that your lights are always off when you are not likely to need them. 

3. Use intelligent HVAC systems

There are plenty of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems on today's market which are intelligently designed in order to use less energy. You can automate the temperature in your workspace to ensure it never goes below, or above, a certain level. 

4. Occupancy sensors

If rooms within your workspace are used intermittently, it can be hard to schedule your lighting to turn on and off at the same time. In these cases, it is advisable to employ occupancy sensors, which can detect when a room is vacant or being used. That means your lighting can be switched on and off accordingly, and you won't have to use electricity when you don't need to.

5. Switch the deal you are on

When it comes to reducing commercial energy costs, this is a great tip. Many organisations will simply on be on a tariff that does not give the best value for money. Being on a higher tariff will see your business pay more for the electricity you use each month which is not ideal. The best thing to do is look around at what other deals are on the market to take advantage of and move over to one that offers better value.

6. Educate staff

One reason that you could be paying so much in business energy costs is that you are using too much! Much of this will actually be wasted energy that is not being used for anything in particular. Common causes of this are things like computers not being properly shut down at home time. Take steps to educate staff on how important it is to not waste electricity and show them how to go about it in practical terms.

7. Use energy saving tech in your business

Although this may require a little investment initially, it could really help bring your electricity bill down overall to save money long term. A great example of this tip in action are motion sensor lights which only come on when there are people in the room. This type of tech can really help you use less electricity overall and slash your bill.

8. Let Utility Bidder help 

If you are looking to switch energy provider in order to save money on business electricity costs, let Utility Bidder help. We will find the best deal around for your company and our best price guarantee gives you confidence that the quote we provide cannot be beaten. Get in touch today for more details.

Simple but effective! Those are some pointers on how you can save on your business electricity bills. Remember to shop around for the best deal, and then ensure that you aren't wasting any energy needlessly.

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