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7 tips to help you save energy.

Many places of work are still yet to equip energy saving light bulbs. Cheap to buy, they use up to 80% less energy than old style light bulb products. Many people still complain about slow warm up speeds and a low glow but they are both improving rapidly. Switching to energy saving light bulbs can help you to claim the rewards almost immediately. It’s also just as important to switch off lights when they aren’t needed.

How many employees turn their computers off before they go home? It’s probably not as many as you might think. We are all used to just turning our screens onto stand by before rushing home. But by turning off your computer or laptop at the end of the day you could save up to £35 on electricity bills. If everyone in the building turned their computers off overnight the savings could be very substantial.

Don’t lose your heat to doors and windows, especially when it becomes colder. Massive amounts of heat can be lost when doors and windows are left open. If you’ve used a lot of energy to warm your work space don’t waste it by letting escape.

Draughts can also be a huge problem for thieving heat from your premises, small gaps around windows and doors can vastly affect your gas bill if they are not amended.

Boiling four litres of water for one cup of tea or coffee? A large amount of energy and time is wasted by boiling more water than you need. It takes longer to boil and therefore uses more energy. The majority of kettles sold around the world tell you exactly how much water you need to put in for the number of drinks you are making, so put the correct amount in and save some time and energy.

A great way to manage your energy campaign is to appoint or ask for a volunteer to be your energy champion. This person or team will be responsible for ensuring all efforts towards energy saving are executed properly. With the help of an energy   champion encouraging other employees and keeping an eye out for new energy saving ideas your energy bills will soon shrink and continue to do so.

If you’re going to commit to reducing your energy spend and usage, you will see better results by getting everyone involved so your efforts don’t go to waste. As polite reminders, place posters around the workplace reminding employees and colleagues to close doors, turn lights off and be more energy conscious. If you don’t have time to produce your own posters you can find great posters online.

And finally, with the help of Utility Bidder, ensure you’re on the cheapest possible gas and electricity tariff for your business. This will grant you the biggest saving before you even start, you can sit back and relax knowing that you aren’t paying too much for your energy.

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