Businesses Surviving Lockdown:

What History Taught Us and our 3 Social Media Survival Tips

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What History Taught Us and our 3 Social Media Survival Tips
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James Longley

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Last Updated November 22, 2021
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From existing giants of their respective industries experiencing a rough patch, to future business titans that persevered through a period of great uncertainty when first starting out, the survival stories of these five global brands are enough to remind even the smallest of businesses that anything is possible. Sometimes all you need to do is think outside of the box!

Whether it takes a bold change of direction when it comes to marketing, a brave decision to ignore entrenched industry norms or a full revolution in the way you allow your workforce to operate, in times of crisis it can help to look back at history for some much needed inspiration.

As the economy continues to reel from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, naturally many brands have suffered. In the UK alone, a number of highstreet icons, such as Debenhams and Oasis, have been forced into administration, while dining classics such as Chiquito and Frankie & Benny’s have admitted they may not recover after lockdown.

However, some brands have acted quickly, adapted accordingly and have used the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst to not only survive, but actually thrive during lockdown. From fashion giants, to eateries, to bookmakers, here are three brands that refused to let the pandemic threaten their existence by adopting a #BusinessSurvivalPlan to successfully navigate an economy in crisis.


We also wanted to highlight a number of easy and effective online techniques to help your business survive – and even thrive – during lockdown. These three social media tips outline the importance of having a strong online presence and can help you cater for the shift in customer behaviour caused by lockdown.

Person working on laptop

Keep customers updated

With so many changes and disruptions to normal life, it can be hard for customers to keep up. But despite everything that’s going on, potential customers will still be interested in what your business is up to. Many people are spending more time than ever on social media, and so customers will be taking note of any engaging content you produce and may be more likely to remember your brand, even if they have never used your business before. Regular multiplatform posts are a great way to drive sales by reminding people:

  • that (or when) you are open for business
  • what you’re selling and what special offers/promotions you’re running
  • how easy it is for them to still shop with you regardless of the lockdown.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with these updates – after all, with video-based apps like Instagram Live and TikTok having become increasingly popular during lockdown, the more platforms you use, the better. You can also update customers on how you’ve adapted during the pandemic – social distancing, PPE use etc – to help customers feel safe shopping with you.

busiess surviving lockdown tips

Make content as authentic as possible

Whether you’re posting product images and videos or simply updating blogs, customers want the content they see on social media to be as authentic and natural-looking as possible. In the middle of a global pandemic in which many customers will be sitting at home in joggers and a t-shirt, this is more important than ever. People don’t have the patience for extravagant visual content or posts loaded with meaningless jargon. They want to support brands they can relate to.

If you’re running your business from home because of lockdown, share behind-the-scenes photos to show how you’re coping, or if you’re juggling work with home-schooling the kids, post your top tips for fellow parents. Staying connected and appearing relatable can appeal to new customers and help keep existing patrons loyal.

social media survival tips

Brace interactive content

Aside from using social media to keep your customer base updated, taking advantage of the boom in social media usage with entertaining and interactive content can go a long way in ensuring your brand remains visible and boosting sales.

Many people are stuck inside craving home entertainment during lockdown, so give them some! Create competitions, games and campaigns that require interaction using TikTok, Instagram Live, YouTube and Twitch to build an audience and engage them with your brand. These platforms can even replace live events and gatherings that have had to be cancelled due to the outbreak. From live-streaming quizzes with incentives and prizes for the winners to running tutorial webinars for those with more creative interests, interactive content is a priceless tool that all businesses should be utilising during lockdown.

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