What is Waste Water & How Do You Reduce It?

What is Waste Water & How Do You Reduce It?
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James Longley

Managing Director

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Last Updated November 22, 2021

When we talk about making savings on your bills and trying to follow environmentally-friendly habits, we often in the same breath mention waste water. But what is waste water – and how can you reduce it in your home or your business facility? What can you do to control the amount of waste water that you and your family produce?

This guide will look at waste water and what you can do to reduce the amount of it that you produce – either at your family home or on the premises of your business.

Types of Waste Water

Once you pay attention to how much water you use and waste, it’ll be easier for you to reduce your use of water, the amount of waste water that runs down your drain – and maybe your bills and your impact on the environment, too. Waste water is created in the following ways in your home:

  • By every running tap and faucet across your home
  • By toilet flushes, showers, and baths
  • By the use of utilities such as a washing machine and a dishwasher
  • By all your cleaning and hand-washing that uses water in your home
  • Through the water that you use to cook with, or that you use to make drinks

These forms of waste water all add up to a significant amount of water over a year. And it’s easy to reduce that figure, with a little habit reformation and attention.

Reducing Waste Water

First, it’s worth considering just how much water you waste in the first place. You’ll always need to use water in your home for the tasks outlined above – so how much can you reduce your home’s waste water by? The truth is, every use of water can be reduced, and it’s likely that, with concentration, you could easily halve your waste water production in your home. Here are some tips, based on the waste water forms listed above:

  • Only open taps and faucets enough to lightly water your hands when washing
  • Try to bring down the amount of time you spend in the shower, and use the bath sparingly
  • Only use the dishwasher and the washing machine when you have a full load of items to place in them
  • Use cleaning sprays instead of a damp cloth to help you wash your home
  • Make sure that every bit of water you cook with stays in your food and doesn’t end up down the drain

These simple adjustments in your use of water can have a huge impact on your overall production of waste water in your home. It isn’t easy to measure, of course, but you’ll be having a positive impact on the environment and, if you’re fixed on a water meter, you’ll manage to save some cash for your family, too.

Other Waste Water Reduction Methods

If you’re thrilled that you’ve been able to save money on your water bills by following the above tips, you might be looking for further ways in which you can reduce waste water in your home – by reducing your use of water full stop.

There are plenty of more tips. For instance, there are utility fixers sold online that’ll help you reduce the use of water in some of your most-used wet-room items. Like an energy-saving lightbulb, you can buy a water-saving flush mechanism for your toilets, and a showerhead that sprays less water over your body during your daily wash.

You can also look around your home for leaks and areas that you might not have noticed a waste of water taking place. A typical find here is that one of your taps or faucets is leaking, which means that 24 hours a day you’re wasting water due to a mechanical fault in your plumbing. Sort this out to reduce your waste water further – being as green, and saving as much money, as possible.

Reduce waste water in your home with the above tips: simple ways to save water with the help of your family.

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