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Britain’s second largest energy supplier has joined its Big Six rivals by hiking its energy prices. The decision by SSE will see electricity prices rise by 7.7% and gas by 5.7%.  Although expected after similar moves by NPower and British Gas, it’s not good news for the company’s millions of customers and is the highest yet.


British GasMay5.5%
Scottish PowerJune5.5%


Stephen Forbes, chief commercial officer of SSE Energy Services, said: “With recent adjustments to Ofgem’s price caps, the cost of supplying energy is increasing and this ultimately impacts the prices we’re able to offer customers.”

In March this year energy market prices rocketed after freezing temperatures drove demand and no doubt domestic customers will be looking for new suppliers by using the Internet to give them a quote for their dual energy.  But it’s not quite that simple for businesses.  For one thing, you have to get a separate quote for each fuel and that makes the process very time and resource intensive.

That could be why a 2015 investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority found that 40% of businesses haven’t switched in the past five years, and 39% have never switched at all.  These businesses are probably paying more than they should be for their energy yet if they use a specialist energy broker like Utility Bidder we do all the hard work and you get all the savings.

Head of Sales, Richard Thorpe said:  “All we need to get you a cheaper deal for your energy is a copy of a recent bill, a letter of authority and the end date of your current contract and that’s it. You can sit back and relax while we work with the top energy suppliers to negotiate the best deal for your business.  We are so confident in our team that you can challenge us to beat a price you may have received from our competition.”

A short telephone call to our team could save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds – you’ve not nothing to lose but a costly overhead.

ARE WE GOING TO EXPERIENCE FURTHER PRICE RISES? If we look at the the past year, we have generally seen the price creep up with infrequent, shallow dips in the energy prices.  If we look at last month, we have seen oil hit highs of $80 a barrel. With winter just around the corner, demand will increase and its likely we will see prices inflate.

ARE YOU IN RENEWAL? You can secure your next business gas or electricity agreement up to 1 year before the end date of your current contract. Business energy is much more competitive than domestic energy and negotiations can be made due to your buying power. With prices on the rise we recommend getting your fixed price quotes in as early as you can to get the best deal.


We can gain quotes for your business from the leading energy suppliers, smaller suppliers along with the big 6. A short telephone call to our team could save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds – you’ve not nothing to lose but a costly overhead.

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