Four green initiatives that can future proof your business

There’s no day like today to consider implementing green initiatives to future-proof your business. In fact, with an ever-increasing environmentally conscious society, today would be the perfect day. Business energy can be extremely unsustainable at times, depending on the sector in which you operate. With more customers choosing to do business with brands that care about the environment, let’s take a look at how you can future proof your business with four green initiatives…

1. Scrap the paper

Paperless offices are the offices of the future. Paper production uses a huge amount of commercial energy, so it’s no wonder more and more businesses are taking a step away. Digital documentation makes it easier than ever to scrap unnecessary paper and communicate in a far more contemporary and environmentally friendly way.

2. Offer remote working opportunities

As a business owner, you should consider offering your employees a remote working opportunity at least once a week, if not more. 2019 has seen many companies take a remote working approach entirely cutting down the need to build new office spaces and reduce carbon footprints.

3. Consider alternative energy

About half of the energy in the U.K is produced by low-carbon sources. Companies that choose to use renewable energy such as solar and wind power benefit from lower energy bills, so have a look and see how you can switch to a greener energy provider. If this can’t be done entirely, consider some of the ways in which your company can embrace the use of alternative energy. Solar panels are a great way to start!

4. Reduce meat consumption if you have a cafeteria

Plenty of larger companies have their own on-site cafeterias and a portion of any menu is likely to consist of meat-oriented dishes. Meat consumption is largely responsible for deforestation and air pollution. Take responsibility for this in whatever capacity you can by offering a full vegetarian menu some days of the week.

As you can see from the four simple initiatives above, there are plenty of ways in which you can create a more green business that will join the group of companies leading the way for a more environmentally aware future. Why not start future-proofing your business today?

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