How to make your business more energy efficient

Meeting commercial energy needs can be a tricky task for many organisations, particularly when it comes to finding a good deal that is up to the task of powering your various business operations. For those who would like to cut down on their business gas and electricity bills, switching supplier can sometimes be a good way of saving money.

On top of this, however, there are a few approaches you can take to reduce energy consumption, at the same time saving both money and the environment. It can also help improve your reputation and encourage investors, potential employees or potential clients to get involved with your organisation. The following tips are just a few ways you and your employees can embrace a new, consumption-conscious business energy plan:

1. Make a habit of switching equipment off

There are plenty of different kinds of technology in modern offices that are often left humming away overnight, wasting energy. Computers, printers, scanners, display screens, and many other kinds of equipment should all be switched off at the end of the day, not left running or on standby. Send out reminders to colleagues about turning their equipment off at the end of the day, as well as turning off all of the lights throughout the office.

2. Get rid of screensavers

While they may add a certain flair to the standard office desk, screensavers can suck up a shocking amount of energy. Remember to turn off monitors when they are not in use.

3. Unplug chargers

Even if a charger is not attached to a device, it can still convert energy. Send out reminders across the business to unplug any mobile phone or laptop chargers that are not in use.

4. Turn down the heating

It can be tempting to turn the heating up high during chilly winter months, but many organisations could save money by turning it down slightly. Lowering the thermostat by just 1C can cut heating bills drastically, and it’s likely that colleagues will barely notice the difference. It’s also important to remind employees of the importance of closing doors to retain heat within rooms.

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