Is it time for UK businesses to embrace the power of solar?

Around the world, companies are choosing to embrace solar power as a viable means of energy generation.

However, in the UK, growth has been somewhat stilted. This is not surprising given the fact that the UK is famed for having unpredictable weather, and also has periods in the winter where the sun barely shines at all.

But it would seem that all that is set to change, with a rail line in Hampshire set to become the first in the world to be powered exclusively by solar power. If successful, it could pave the way for a new generation of fuel supply, which could change how homes and businesses around the UK operate.

The pilot scheme

From Friday 30 August, a rail line near Aldershot, Hampshire, will be directly connected to a nearby solar farm, which will enable solar-powered trains to operate without the need for diesel. It is estimated that around 100 solar panels will be able to generate the power necessary, and if successful, it could lead to all trains that travel along this particular section of track being powered via solar energy in the future.

The UK’s railways have long been advocates of the use of solar power – Blackfriars station in central London is already partly powered by solar energy – but this is the first time that the grid will be entirely bypassed as a means of actively reducing carbon emissions and cutting air pollution.

Looking to update your business’ energy usage?

Of course, taking a more sustainable approach to energy usage is not something that is limited to major organisations such as the railways. With the UK having to drastically reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, renewable power such as wind, solar and anaerobic digestion are becoming increasingly viable power generation choices for businesses up and down the country.

It has never been easier for businesses and companies to choose an energy provider that can fulfil their requirements, but does so in a way that is sustainable, and does not damage the environment. And, with solar and wind power becoming not only more common but also more powerful, it is an option that is only going to becoming increasingly viable.

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