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Among the many businesses on the high street the independent car garage is likely to use more energy per square foot than their retail counterparts. That’s why it is so important for SME car garage businesses to explore all their energy efficiency options.

Just like all businesses, regardless of sector, the car garage has to look at ways to manage and reduce its carbon footprint. There are some things that are a quick win but others may have to occur over time.


The tools of your trade and garage equipment is costly to replace but when you do need to repair, upgrade or replace then make sure you look at buying the most energy efficient options. For example, compressors consumer energy at different rates and so consider the best model for your business. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations when using which will give your equipment longer life and less maintenance.

If you use a paint booth, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how far things have moved on since you last purchased. They are a lot more energy efficient and ask your supplier about variable speeds, efficient lighting and better air flow and ducting. 

Bay doors are vital in a garage but as you know, these doors which could be open for most of the day, make heating the garage almost impossible. They are of course a major capital outlay but when you do come to buy new, models exist that open and close much quicker which allow for keeping the doors closed when vehicles have been moved inside or outside.

Some areas of the garage will need more lighting than others and so this is an area that you can look at relatively cheaply and easily. Consider moving to CLF or LED illuminated lights which use significantly less energy and offer durability that is ideal for a garage environment.

Accelerate your way to reduced energy bills

While these suggestions can occur over time, there is one way you can reduce your motor garage’s energy bills very quickly. That’s by asking the Rolls Royce of energy brokers, Utility Bidder to help you find an alternative provider that could see up to a 20% reduction in your bills.

We will contact numerous gas and electricity provider – large and small – to find out which of them can offer your garage an improved cost on what you are paying now.

Although we can do this really quickly, we advise our clients to get in touch when they still have between 6 – 12 months left to run with their current supplier – as we can often secure you a more competitive cost for your gas and electricity the sooner you get in touch. All we need from you is a signed letter of authority to speak to gas and electricity companies on behalf of your car garage and a few old bills if you can find them.

Business People Discussion Communication Togetherness Concept

How can we help you

That’s it. Leave the rest to us and we will be in touch with quotes in a few days. It’s up to you which one you decide to take but the switching process is seamless and we will be with you every step of the way. It’s time for an energy trade in – talk to the experts today on 0800 007 4001.

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