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Energy prices are an important part of business's overheads. Using our 10 years of experience, we save businesse's time and money. Utilise our premier pricing and exclusive supplier rates to get bespoke business energy quotes.


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Care Home Energy & Utilities Prices

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Switch & save up to 45%

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Get immediate pricing from 27+ suppliers

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Rated 9.8 on Trustpilot 

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Renew or switch care home energy supplier?

We have worked with the care industry since starting up in 2009. This has given us great insight into the way energy is used within this industry and knowledge of the hurdles the owners come across. Gas and electricity costs have become one of the largest overheads for businesses, so reducing bills will have an immediate positive impact on your bottom line.


We work with both small and large call homes across the UK with much of our client base being within the health care sector. Busy directors and managers have little time to negotiate gas and electricity contracts and unfortunately it doesn’t take much to be entered into an expensive, lengthy agreement.

We work to ensure all of our clients are happy with the service they receive and the contract they are entering. Whether a contract needs looking into or advice on rates, we have it covered.

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Care homes are becoming more and more popular


Number of people in care homes


Number of residential homes


Number of Nursing home

Age UK figures show us that 436,000 elderly and disabled are now in care homes within the UK. This is across 15,525 residential homes and 5,153 nursing homes. This figure is expected to rapidly increase with the ever-increasing death rate. SSA data shows us that men can now expect to live until age 84 and women 86.


Given that care homes are open 365 days a year and must take extra care with their customers, it’s no surprise that care homes use high levels of gas and electricity. If you're looking to renew your care homes gas or electricity contracts - Utility Bidder have the experience to find the best deal and rates for you.


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  • Care home gas and electrictiy FAQ's

Which energy supplier is the best for my care home?

Given the large range of UK businesses, no one supplier fits all. This is also apparent when looking at care homes - different sized care homes in different locations means that one supplier may suit one but not the other.

Utility Bidder have a a decade of experience dealing with care homes across the UK. Our consultants can do the hard work for you and find you the best deal for your care home utilities.

Care home energy renewal prices vary depending on a variety of factors. Our expert care home gas and electricity team will find you the best deal for your care home, saving you time and money.

Care home energy discounts

Due to the general large consumption of care homes, suppliers can offer better prices. However, strong negotiating skills and time investment via speaking to all the suppliers is necessary. 

How many suppliers work with care homes?

Utility Bidder work with 27 of the UK's major suppliers. We can be sure to find the best rate for your care home.

Multiple care homes

Do you own or manage multiple care homes? Speak with our consultants to discuss the potential savings. 

Nursing home energy usage

Nursing homes use high levels of gas and electricity. Therefore, it's imperative that you find the best tariff to suit.

On average, a 20 bed nursing home use a total of 395,000 kWh, which is the equivalent of 18 small / medium UK houses.

Where do I find the best deal for my nursing home energy

To find the best deal, you need to speak to all the suppliers and allow them to offer rates based on your business requirements. Generic pricing via comparison websites, in most cases, will not result in the best deal for your care home.

Care home gas

Gas is pivotal for care homes, and due to the size of the majority of UK homes, gas can effect the bottom line dramatically. Our expert care home team can find you the best deal for your gas contract. Chat to us today.

Care home electricity

Care homes use a large amount of electricity. Its important to that your energy contract is providing your care home with the best electric rates.