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Funeral directors should switch their utility supplier to save money

The Competitions and Markets Authority estimate the UK funerals market to be worth over £2 billion a year, having grown at an annual rate of 4.5% over the past 5 years.

Despite all the negative headlines about funeral charges, The Royal London Mutual Assurance Society found that in 2017 the average cost of a funeral was £3,784 compared to £3,675 in 2016. This was only marginally ahead of the rate of inflation and is a much lower real term funeral cost increase than in most years in the last decade or more.

However, often the charges published in the press, don’t specify that the average charge also includes a significant burial and cremation fee – which are not under the control of the funeral director. Yet, despite all the bad press, 80% of all funerals and cremations in the UK are still managed by traditional funeral directors who continue to provide a personal service to bereaved families while being very aware of the cost to their clients.

Utility Bidder recognize these are challenging times for the funeral sector and so it is vital to save money without compromising and quality and service. One way your funeral home can look at saving costs is by switching your gas and electricity provider.

Switch your gas and electricity provider and save your funeral home money


Despite all the changes going on in the funeral industry, one fact you can be sure of is that gas and electricity is not going to significantly reduce in price. One of the best ways to look at getting cheaper gas and electricity prices for your funeral home is to change your existing supplier. 

If this sounds too much like hard work, don’t worry because here at Utility Bidder our energy experts will do all the hard work for you. We will contact numerous gas and electricity provider – large and small – to find out which of them can offer your funeral home an improved cost on what you are paying now.

Although we can do this really quickly, we advise our clients to get in touch when they still have between 6 – 12 months left to run with their current supplier – as we can often secure you a more competitive cost for your gas and electricity the sooner you get in touch. All we need from you is a signed letter of authority to speak to gas and electricity companies on behalf of your funeral home and a few old bills if you can find them.

That’s it. Leave the rest to us and we will be in touch with quotes in a few days. It’s up to you which one you decide to take but the switching process is seamless and we will be with you every step of the way. The only thing your funeral director business will notice is reduced gas and electricity bills of anything up to 20%.  That kind of saving can be ploughed back into your funeral director business.

Tips to help save energy in your funeral director business


Once you have saved money by switching your energy provider with Utility Bidder there are also changes you can make in your funeral directors to save costs. Running a funeral directors can be an energy intensive undertaking and looking at ways to save energy in-house is good for your bottom line and the environment.

Our Utility Bidder experts provides some useful tips.

Replace all your lighting with LED lights. Modern LED lights are not only much more energy efficient but they have also come a long way since they were first introduced. If you have not looked at this type of lighting for a few years, you will probably be pleasantly surprised. Better still your funeral director business will save pounds on electricity bills. Make it company policy to ensure the last people in the building ensure all unnecessary lighting is switched off and that all office equipment is unplugged.

Just like at home, turning down a thermostat by even one degree will not impact on the comfort of staff or customers, but you will see a big impact on your bills of between 8 – 10%. You could even install a smart thermostat that will automatically adjust the temperature to agreed levels.

Smart meters will help your funeral director business see just where most of your energy is being used which will help you develop ways to look for savings. When you are buying any new piece of equipment for your funeral director business, always opt for the one with the best energy efficiency.  It should not cost too much more and it will save you money in the longer term.

Can you get energy from solar power? Solar is growing in popularity and is coming down in price.

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Become a greener funeral director business

Operating in such a competitive environment such as the funeral sector means that your business must always be looking for a unique selling proposition. As consumers are demanding a greener approach to all business, being an energy saving funeral director business is one way you can get ahead of others in your area.

Ask Utility Bidder to look specifically for greener energy providers or for a green energy contract with regular providers.

Become a plastic free business.

Tell your clients if you use solar or any other green energy source.

Perhaps you only use sustainable wood for coffins and caskets or you offer cardboard or bamboo caskets?

Start your energy saving journey by getting in touch with Utility Bidder today.

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Very friendly service from our sales executive Tom. Obviously has to go through the legals that was done as swiftly and without hassle - Paul Head

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

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Thanks to Sukie and Mike for making the renewal of our group Electricity contracts for 2019-20 the easiest they have been. A great team and, an excellent 'no nonsense' approach to what can be a confusing operation. Many thanks - Dave Parkyns


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