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Golf Clubs gas and electricity prices are rising. Save time and money, compare Golf Clubs’ energy and utility deals and rates today. Compare Gold Club Gas and Electricity Suppliers.

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Golf remains the fifth most popular sport in the country and figures from Statista 2016 show that 1.13 million adults play golf on a monthly basis across the two and half thousand golf courses currently operating in Great Britain. Nevertheless, golf membership is in decline, which means that golf clubs must ensure they spend every penny wisely and consider areas where they can cut costs.

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The gas, electricity and water costs of your golf course will be a significant outlay and we know how hard you have to work to keep on top of these utility bills. However, a quick win could be changing your current gas and electricity provider. Thanks to our award-winning energy experts, it has never been easier for golf clubs to save money on their gas and electricity.

Don’t wait for your current contract to come to an end, simply dig out some old bills and send them to Utility Bidder. Our team will search the gas and electricity provider market on behalf of your golf club to find the most competitive cost. We regularly save our sports clients a lot of money on gas and electricity renewals.

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It’s a sad fact that most golf clubs simply roll over their gas and electricity contract as each one comes to an end. Golf clubs may have been told they are getting a good deal, but let us let you in to a little secret – chances are, your golf club renewal price CAN be beaten – and quite considerably too. Or, perhaps it seems like too much hard work to find an alternative provider. We understand that you have other priorities which is why allowing Utility Bidder to do the leg work for you makes perfect sense. We do all the hard work and your golf club can reap the financial rewards. Quite simply, you have nothing to lose in allowing us to find a cheaper provider for your golf club’s gas and electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Carbon Trust advises a social and working space like a golf club house should have a temperature of between 16 – 20°C. Invest in a thermostat that can be timed to go off and on where necessary. In the warmer, summer months turn it off completely and even in winter, set it to go off an hour before close down – there will be no noticeable change to customers. Think about where you place the thermostat – sunlight or radiators could affect the reading.  Consider investing in a compensator, which regulates the temperature based on the weather, it could save your golf club thousands of pounds.

Lighting – your golf club could be spending 20% of its electricity costs on lighting which means it makes sense to have the most cost efficient and appropriate lighting for your needs.  A quick win is to ensure all light switches have switch off notices to remind everyone to turn them off if they are the last to leave a room. Staff and members have a role to play and everyone should be encouraged to save lighting energy. Replace tungsten standard light bulbs with CFLs which last eight times longer and only use a quarter of the energy.  Replace fluorescent tubes with tri-phosphor coated tubes with give a much better, natural light.  Consider using occupancy sensors in the club house toilets and store rooms, these can achieve up to 30% on lighting costs.

Refrigeration uses a lot of electricity.  Keep doors closed when not in use and defrost regularly to prolong the life of your equipment and save money.   Do you need to keep chilled cabinets on overnight?  If not, switch off. Does your cooking equipment need to be switched on right away? Modern catering equipment reaches optimum temperature very quickly and so doesn’t need to be switched on to ‘warm up.’ Make sure when you buy any piece of new equipment it meets the highest energy performance standards and keep up to date with servicing.

It’s really important to have a nominated member of staff or a small team of staff or even committee members that have ‘energy saving’ as part of their job role.  Once an initial energy audit has been conducted there should be a regular ‘inspections’ to ensure good behaviours and housekeeping is maintained.

Check for gaps in the fabric of the clubhouse building around doors and windows which could be an issue in older buildings. In addition to letting warm air out and cold air in, small issues can quickly become big problems and so address them right away.

Always check for damp, move items of furniture away from outside walls once or twice a year to look for tell-tale signs, and if you have a cellar this may need looking at more than twice a year.

Walk around the outside of the building too and make sure leaking gutters or faulty roof tiles are replaced quickly. A quarter of your club house’s heat can be lost through a poorly insulated roof.  This could add hundreds of pounds to your bills and so while it may look like an expensive repair in the short term, it will save you a lot of money in the longer term.

Why not set targets to reduce your energy consumption by 5 – 10% over a year and get all staff and members involved.  You could even offer a prize to anyone who develops the best energy saving suggestion.

It’s important to make energy efficiency a club wide issue. Explain to staff and members the benefits of increased efficiency to their club house. It’s not just about saving money – although that is always important, it’s also about reducing your carbon footprint and showing your local community that you care about the environment. After all, golf clubs are a large part of the local area.

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