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Don’t let energy prices cripple your GP surgery

Your GP surgery is, like most other businesses in the country, facing increased financial pressure because of the continued rise in energy prices. Heating and lighting costs in particular will eat into your budgets and so it’s vital to look at ways your surgery can reduce these overheads.


A typical surgery will be open for over 10 hours a day, and many are open for several hours at the weekend, and when you consider there are around 7,500 GP practices in England alone, that’s a lot of energy being consumed in one sector. How can your GP practice save money on its gas and electricity costs? We know a great way to start and that’s by placing your trust in Utility Bidder.

No need for a referral


As a growing, innovative and award winning energy broker, Utility Bidder work with NHS colleagues up and down the country to secure the most competitive energy prices for GP practices. It’s a simple process with no need for a referral. You just drop us an email or make a call and rest assured, our bed side manner means you are in safe hands when it comes to energy savings.

An early diagnosis is vital. In other words, don’t leave it until a few weeks before your current energy contract is coming to an end before you get in touch. We can often find you the best deal when you have about a year left to run with your current provider. That way, we can lock you into the best prices for your GP practice’s gas and electricity as soon as possible.

All you need to do is sign a letter of authority which gives us permission to act on behalf of your GP practice when searching for the best gas and electricity prices, and, if possible, give us a copy of a previous bill. That’s it. You can carry on dealing with your patients while our energy specialists scan the market on your behalf. We will look at the usual large providers as well as some smaller gas and electricity providers that your GP practice may never even have heard of. More information letter on letters of authority here.

Once the results are back, all you have to do is decide on whether or not you want to take up the savings which we guarantee will be made on your current energy prices and on any renewal offered by your existing providers. Once you have said yes to the new prices, we will ensure the switching process goes smoothly, and of course, your named Utility Bidder consultant will be with you all the way.

Switching your GP surgery’s gas and electricity provider is just what the doctor ordered if you want to save money. We have 1000s of customers who agree that the whole process is painless, and the prognosis is excellent. Quite simply, you will save money.

We will save you time & money

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Our UK based energy consultants will find you the best price in minutes! We have access to all major suppliers prices

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We are so confident that we can beat your initial renewal quote that we will pay you £500 if we cant! *Terms and Conditions apply

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Your account manager will complete all the paper work and set up your new utility contract with your supplier

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Our prescription


To summarise our advice - talk to Utility Bidder now to discuss how switching your GP practice’s gas and energy provider can save you up to 20% on bills. Next, look at ways you can make small changes to save big on energy and get your staff, patients and visitors on board.

This prescription could make a huge difference to the financial health of your business and although it’s usually doctor knows best – in this case. it’s definitely Utility Bidder knows best. Call or email today – there’s no waiting list and we can talk to you right away.

  • Self-help will also save your surgery ££££s

We are all guilty of wasting money on energy when a few changes can make a significant difference to both our energy bills and our carbon footprint. The more energy efficient your GP surgery is – the better environment you will provide for patients and staff.


Many NHS buildings are guilty of being over-heated and a full, stuffy waiting room can even encourage micro bacterial growth. There are some simple measures you can take to make sure your GP practice is comfortable for staff and visitors. One quick win is to ask people if they feel too hot or too cold. If you ask the question, you can avoid people opening windows because the building or room is too hot. If this happens frequently, there is something wrong and you need to revisit your heating settings and controls.

As a general rule, public spaces in the surgery should be heated to between 19-24 °C

while consulting rooms should be around 22 – 24 °C. If you can fit time switches to rooms and areas, you can automate the temperature process so that each area is at the correct temperature at the relevant time. However, make sure thermostats are placed in a place that itself is not too hot or too cold, eg, in sunlight, draughts, near radiators or equipment can affect the reading. And try to avoid placing furniture or equipment in front of radiators or vents.

Consider how your external doors work. Of course, your surgery must have easy access for patients at any time, but an automatic door that is continually opening and closing allows warm air out and cold air in. A draught lobby will reduce this – but make sure it is big enough for wheelchair access and that one door closes before the other opens.


Having hot water for staff and patients is vital to maintaining hygiene standards in your GP practice. Were you aware that the water industry deregulation means that Utility Bidder can also find an alternative water provider for your GP practice? We know that many businesses are being overcharged for their water and so it does make sense to ask your named Utility Bidder consultant if they can help reduce costs in your practice.

There are things you can do yourself. You could install taps that only work when pressed and then turn off after a brief period. Or, reduce the volume of water from a tap by having spray taps. Similarly, you can buy devices that control toilet flushing so that water is not wasted. Just by making sure taps and pipework are regularly inspected and maintained could help your water usage as dripping taps, corroded pipework or overflowing cisterns will be costing your GP practice money.

Good practice for your GP practice

A GP surgery is an integral part of the community and so promoting your energy saving and green credentials is not only good PR for your GP practice, but it will also promote good practice for the rest of the community. Make your switch off notices prominent. Why not have a notice that proudly talks about energy savings made - alongside your appointments missed notice? Ask patients to get involved, is it too hot or too cold in the waiting room? Does lighting give them a headache? Remind them to turn taps off after use and to switch off the lights as they leave the toilet. Shout about your determination to save energy and money which can be ploughed back into patient care.

And of course, as well as saving money, energy savings means your local environment is benefiting from a reduction in carbon emissions which preserves fossil fuels and minimizes climate change damage.


Many GP practices have numerous offices and treatment rooms and there is a danger that equipment and lighting is left on in offices that may not be used for days at a time. It would make sense to install notices on all equipment to remind users to switch off after use, but having a nominated member of staff to check all electrical equipment is switched off at the end of the day in all offices and treatment rooms would ensure greater energy efficiency for doctors and hospitals.


The Institute of Civil Engineers are keen to ensure the correct lighting goes into any new building. Their research suggests that poor lighting can cause sight loss and faulty lighting can cause headaches and even epileptic seizures. In a GP surgery, where there will be many people feeling ill – having the most effective lighting possible is crucial.

The cheapest, healthiest and most effective lighting is natural daylight. Where possible, use daylight in your GP practice. If blinds and curtains are not needed, open them to ensure plenty of sunlight which creates a positive and happier environment and is mood enhancing.

Of course, by its very nature a GP surgery needs to create areas for privacy but keep these spaces specifically for that purpose and once an examination is finished, move to a space or room that has plenty of natural daylight.

When natural daylight is not effective enough for day to day work then new energy saving versions of standard lighting provides an excellent light source while making considerable savings on your GP practice’s electricity bills. For example, ‘standard’ tungsten light bulbs can be exchanged for energy saving compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs which use 75% less energy, produce less unwanted heat and last 8-10 times longer. Blackened, flickering or dim fluorescent tubes should be replaced with triphosphor coated ones.

Lighting controls will, like heating controls, ensure more energy efficiency and therefore more savings. Install time controls switches which automatically switch off lights when an area is not in use. Or, photocells which will turn off artificial light when natural daylight is sufficient. These can make substantial savings, particularly in areas such as car parks.

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Very friendly service from our sales executive Tom. Obviously has to go through the legals that was done as swiftly and without hassle - Paul Head

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Excellent service, many thanks to Steven Reid who helped me sort a problem I had with my supplier for years, he was very friendly, efficient, informative and guided me throughout - Nazima Din

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

I would recommend this company without reservation. The broker I usually speak to is Tom Horn, he is very efficient, helpful and friendly - Kate Threadgold

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Thanks to Sukie and Mike for making the renewal of our group Electricity contracts for 2019-20 the easiest they have been. A great team and, an excellent 'no nonsense' approach to what can be a confusing operation. Many thanks - Dave Parkyns