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Beauty and the beast

Utility Bidder is a real beast when it comes to getting our clients great savings on their gas and electricity! One of the quickest and easiest ways to make substantial savings on both your gas and electricity bills is to switch from your existing supplier to a new one.  This does not have to be an onerous process because we do all the hard work from you, leaving you to concentrate on beautifying your client.  All you need to do is sign a letter of authority which allows us to act on your behalf and then off we go contacting numerous energy providers to secure your beauty salon a cheaper price for your gas and electricity costs.  This could be up to 20% which is money that you can plough back into your business and give you the edge over your competitors.

Hey good looking!

The demand for professional beauty salons in the UK shows no sign of abating.  According to Statistica, between 2015 and 2016 alone, more than 10,000 beauty establishments were opened in the United Kingdom.  UK beauty salons cater to both female and male consumers with a varying range of services available for both genders. This success suggests that this is a sector that is bucking the trend when it comes to our high streets – great news.

Habia.org reports that 51% offer beauty alone, 16% offer spa services , 40% have nail services and 28% have complementary therapies and most predictions suggest that although growth will be slower it will still continue. In fact, beauty salons and barbershops were the top two business types keeping high street trading buoyant.

However, there is a downside to all this good news. Hilary Hall, chief executive of the National Beauty Federation, that many high streets are now saturated. The effect is that there are too many salons competing for the same clients. Increasing competition, rising costs, including higher than inflation increases to the minimum wage and increased pension contributions, as well as uncertainty over Brexit, rising rents and business rates are all making it harder for salons to make a profit.

One thing that is not so beautiful in your beauty salon is the gas and electricity bills that you have to pay. When you have to operate in such a fiercely competitive environment, every single penny counts and as a beauty salon owner you need to look at where you can make savings.  You may think that cutting electricity bills in your beauty salon is a lot of work for little return – but you are wrong.

Small is beautiful

You can also look at ways to reduce your carbon footprint and become a greener salon – in fact that could be another way to differentiate yourself.  People come to you not just because of your talented staff and your great pricing but also because of the mood and ambiance of your salon.  That could include lighting, music, electrical equipment, heating and that all adds up. 

As well as switching to a new utility provider with Utility Bidder there are also ways you can look at reducing energy in-salon.  Simple changes will soon start to add up – such as making sure you use energy efficient bulbs. Just like at home, if you turn your salon thermostat down by a degree or two it could save you up to 10% a year.  Turn off lights in treatment rooms that are not being used and make sure back office lights and equipment is switched off is not in use. You should also get your staff involved to come up with any suggestions that could reduce your carbon footprint and give a small prize for the best idea and make sure you tell your customers about your sustainable salon, they may have some ideas of their own.  After all, it’s everyone’s responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint.

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How can we help you

So, let Utility Bidder use its vast switching knowledge and you’ll find yourself saving £££s on your energy prices.  Call 0800 007 4001 or email info@utilitybidder.co.uk

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Very friendly service from our sales executive Tom. Obviously has to go through the legals that was done as swiftly and without hassle - Paul Head

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Excellent service, many thanks to Steven Reid who helped me sort a problem I had with my supplier for years, he was very friendly, efficient, informative and guided me throughout - Nazima Din

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

I would recommend this company without reservation. The broker I usually speak to is Tom Horn, he is very efficient, helpful and friendly - Kate Threadgold

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Thanks to Sukie and Mike for making the renewal of our group Electricity contracts for 2019-20 the easiest they have been. A great team and, an excellent 'no nonsense' approach to what can be a confusing operation. Many thanks - Dave Parkyns