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In this very busy world we live in it’s no wonder that more people than ever before are looking to take time out of their daily lives for the occasional weekend at one of the many health and beauty spa’s that are popping up all over the UK. As a SPA owner. we recognise that you are trading in a highly competitive environment where customers are looking for the best deal they can.

This means that as well as making sure your SPA is the go-to destination for clients you have to look at ways in which you can save your business money without comprising on quality and environment. SPAs use a lot of gas and electricity and utility bills will no doubt be a major outlay for you.  So, wouldn’t you love to be able to reduce those utility bills by up to 20%? Of course, you would – but how is that possible?

Utility Bidder does all the hard work

If you work with an energy broker like Utility Bidder we can take all the stress and hard work out of trailing the market place to find a more cost effective electricity tariff for your SPA business.  While you are the experts in all things health and beauty, we are the experts in all things utility which is why it makes sense to ask us to speak to energy providers large and small to find the best deal for your SPA. All we need from you is your permission to act on your behalf and ideally an old bill and you can carry on pampering your clients, leaving us to talk to our energy partners. Once we have found you a more attractive deal for your SPAs gas and electricity we will make sure the transition from one supplier to another is seamless.

Review your mood lighting

Your clients want to walk into your SPA and feel the strains of everyday life just melt away.  That means a warm and welcoming reception area no doubt offering calm and soothing music and lighting. One way you can help yourself to reduce your SPA’s electricity bills is taking a look at the lighting options available to your business both back and front of house.

Utility Bidder advise carrying out a lighting audit to see exactly where you can replace or upgrade light bulbs to the most energy efficient versions and look to find areas that would work with motion sensor lighting.

In terms of facilities if you are a large SPA you may have a leisure pool which will be a big energy user and by being aware of simple things such as optimum water temperatures could make a difference to your bills. If the pool water is over heated it can cause the pool water to evaporate.  This means you will have to continually run a high ventilation rate and this will, over time, also cause condensation which is damaging to the fabric of your building. A leisure pool should be around 29ºC – and remember the pool hall itself should usually be heated to 1ºC above the pool water temperature. Investing in, and using a whole pool cover will also help reduce the energy cost of your SPA pool and while it may seem like a costly capital outlay, in terms of energy savings made, it should have paid for itself within a couple of years.

Or, you may offer one or several hot tubs for clients to enjoy. Eagle leisure says they usually need between 13 and 40 AMPS of power to run. The electricity powers the heater, pumps, lights and all the other working components on the hot tub. It’s usually recommended that hot tubs run 24/7 and so it makes sense to keep it at temperature all of the time rather than adjusting it.  If your tub is outside, use a well-insulated cover when not in use which will make sure heat is kept in. You should also insulate the cabinet which will also retain heat as well as protect your pipework. It’s also usually wise to invest in a good quality hot tub as it will be more efficient to run.

Treatment rooms themselves need to be warm so that your clients are comfortable when having treatments, but it’s still worthwhile experimenting with temperature settings – try turning it down a few degrees and see if that makes a difference to clients – it will certainly make a difference to your final bill!

Business People Discussion Communication Togetherness Concept

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You don’t have to spend hours to find the perfect energy tariffs for your SPA.  The Utility Bidder energy team will work with you to find an electricity supplier that could potentially save up to 20% on your current providers’ renewal quote. So, this time let us take some of the stress off you by calling 0800 0074001

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