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Are energy bills making you pull your hair out?

Utility Bidder can help hair salons cut their energy bills – which are often a significant part of your business outlay.

An average local hairdresser consumes approximately 7,000 kWh of electricity every year. That amounts to an average annual bill of £1,097. Research shows that the most thriving hairdressers are those that have been established over a long time.

How to shave pounds off your hair salon’s gas and electricity bills

According to the National Hairdressers Federation there are around 41,000 hair and beauty businesses in the UK, with the majority small businesses turning over less than £99,000 and employing fewer than 10 people.  In addition, hair salons are among the top ten list of most popular business starts ups.

Utility Bidder has a passion for helping small businesses like hairdressers and hair salons save money on their gas and electricity bills. With margins so tight in the hair business, every penny saved on utility bills is important to the success of your business. Therefore, it makes sense to look at ways you can reduce gas and electricity bills in your hair salon - one quick win is to consider switching your gas and electricity provider.

Most hair salon businesses are sole traders – as well as thinking about cutting and styling hair, owners also have to concern themselves with recruiting and managing staff, marketing their business and being an accountant.  We understand that owners are not going to have the time or inclination to even think about contacting different gas and electricity suppliers – but the good news is that Utility Bidder can do that for you.

Our award-winning business team will find out some basic information about your hair business – who are your suppliers and how much does your hair salon spend on gas and electricity every year. Then we contact numerous utility providers to find your hairdressing business a better deal. While your inclination may be to turn to the Big Six for your energy, Utility Bidder also work with numerous smaller and less well known energy providers to ensure we are getting the best deal for your hair salon.  You can be assured that when we come back to you with our recommendations for your gas and electricity providers – we’ve really done our homework.

Help yourself to lower bills

Our hairdressing customers tell Utility Bidder that their biggest energy outlay is of course electricity.  Your hair business uses a lot of electricity – lighting, electrical equipment such as hairdryers, straighteners and stylers, heating, washing machines and dryers to name but a few.  These are the key tools of your trade and you can’t do without them, and as well as changing suppliers, there are ways you can help yourself to keep those bills down.

Chances are your hair salon is comprised of a small team and so involve them in your quest to reduce energy costs.  Ask them for ideas and suggestions and make it everyone’s responsibility to look at ways to shave pounds of your bills.  Even a small business can have an environmental policy and indeed it’s all our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint in any way we can. Make it clear that as well as saving money, you want to ensure your salon can shout about its green credentials.

While you can’t simply replace your electrical equipment with new gear right away - next time you do need to replace a piece of equipment from a hair dryer to a washing machine – do some research to find out which product has the best energy saving credentials.  Most manufacturers now produce greener products and so make it a policy to buy them.

It’s easy to leave electrical equipment on in the salon – but your environmental policy should make the point that if staff see something that is turned on but not being used – they should turn it off.

Mood lighting can really create an ambiance in your salon as well as being practical for your staff.  However, if there is one part of the salon that is not in use – then turn off the lights in that section.  Make sure unnecessary lights are turned off back of house and if you can, invest in sensory activated timers so that lights in toilets and cloakrooms only come on when somebody enters the room.

Using dryers for all those towels can cost big bucks but some salons have changed to biodegradable towels – they are certainly worth a try – and if you do – make a note of how much electricity you use for a week using dryers and then a week using the biodegradable towels.

Hairs salons use a lot of water and you may not be aware that now you can decide which provider you want to buy your water from – it doesn’t have to come from your local water company.  Once again, Utility Bidder can help your hair salon find the best water supplier for your business and we will do all the hard work for you. In the meantime, it’s over to your staff again- only turn on water at the backwash when you are rinsing, not throughout the whole process.

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How can we help you

Hair salons are among the backbone of small business owners in the UK and Utility Bidder is keen to support you in this highly competitive environment – get in touch today to find out how we can help.  Call 0800 007 4001.

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