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P272 - Mandatory Half-Hourly Settlement

All businesses that use electricity meter profile classes 05 – 08 will be upgraded to a half-hourly meter. This will change the way you are billed for electricity usage and bring in some additional charges that you need to be prepared for. We have put together an overview of P272 and if you have any questions our team of energy consultants will be happy to answer these for you.

So How Does This Affect You & Your Business?

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Having a HH meter installed should make your billing more accurate by measuring your consumption 48 times a day. However, some argue that the upgraded meter is only beneficial to those that actively analyse the data to understand when and how they can reduce their consumption. Analysing times of high usage – are you on the right contract? Off-peak and peak times have different chargeable rates. You can then look at shifting some production to when your rates are lower. If you are unsure about this then we can take a look at your bills for you.
The legislation unfortunately brings additional charges to your business as Half Hourly meters need to be maintained and the data needs to be transmitted to the supplier.

In short, having to pay expensive MOP and KVA charges can be prolonged for anywhere between a few months and 3 years depending on when and how you agree your next contract.
By using an experienced energy consultant for your next contract will ensure that you extend having to pay the additional charges (saving you a significant amount of money) and offer you advice and guidance on the legislation change. Something that will only need to be addressed when your agreement comes to an end. Your consultant will also guide you through timescales, charges, the additional implications and how you can use the data to your advantage.


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Charges relating to the legislation change:

MOP Charges:
Installation and maintenance of the new meter: Meter operator service is the charge incurred over the supply of the meter, maintenance of the meter and communication of the consumption data. This is contractual agreement and can be charged annually.
DC/ DA Charges:
Data Collector/ Data Aggregator are charged to collect and record the meter data. This will be read every half hour which is proposed to be a more accurate way of measuring consumption.
KVA Charges:
Kilo Volt Ampheres refer to the agreed supply capacity (ASC). This capacity charge is the set amount that is determined by taking the ASC and multiplying it by the agreed rate. It is a monthly or daily generated charge.
Call us on 0800 007 4001 to discuss P272 and your business electricity.

  • Corporate Utility & Energy FAQ's

How can corporate companies can save energy in winter?

As we approach the middle of winter, temperatures can plummet, while our energy bills begin to rise. For large organisations with large outlays to make on their energy bills, this can run into thousands of pounds. So in this blog, we take a look at the ways in which corporates can save money during the coldest season.

- Make use of 'smart heating'

Corporates who haven't made the switch to intelligent or 'smart heating' are potentially pouring money down the drain. That's because smart heating makes use of thermostats which can be programmed for your work schedule each day, and can even shut down your heating when nobody is in a certain workspace. You should be wary of placing your thermostat anywhere it could give a misguided reading, such as in direct sunlight, or in a draughty area.

- Effective insulation

For large organisations, making a number of seemingly small tweaks around your workspaces can add up into big corporate energy savings. Energy efficiency can be improved by ensuring that there are no 'leaks' through which heat can escape during winter. It could be around windows, doors or ducts - so ensure that a small weak spot in your insulation does not add up into a large energy bill for your business.

- Get the right equipment

Are you in the market for a new set of computers this winter? For corporates, this is an important procurement decision which will take into account a number of factors - from price to compatibility - but don't forget to look out for energy-efficient equipment. This can be done by identifying the 'Energy Star' logo on computers, which indicates an energy-efficient piece of kit. And remember that laptops typically consume a lot less energy than PCs.

- Consider 'work from home Fridays'

You can give your employees are a special treat on one Friday every month, by offering them the opportunity to work from home - you also stand to slash your energy overheads in the process! In the digital era, there is more chance than ever for staff to work from the comfort of their own home - so it can be a mutually beneficial option for corporates.

Those are some ways in which you can save energy during the coldest time of year. Try some of them and then compare what you pay with the corresponding bill from last year - you might be amazed what you have saved!

What's a KVA charge?

KVA or Kilo Vault Amperes is used to understand the amount of electrical power that an electrical meter can feed to a building. 1 KVA equals 1,000 Watts of power. All companies with half hourly meters have a kVA allowance, this can also be referred to as a capacity charge. This is worked out at twice the half hour electricity usage for businesses.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

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