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Warehouses and distribution centres can save big money by switching energy providers

Everything about the logistics and distribution centre sector is big – big warehouses, big stock, big business, big energy bills. Energy bills could make up 15 – 20% of your facility’s operating costs and so it’s important that you consider the many ways in which you can reduce them.

Switch to save money


Consider the energy provider you currently work with – how long have you been with them and when was the last time your tariffs were reviewed? Chances are your facility is working with a less than cost effective tariff and that means you will be paying more than you should for your utility bills. In fact, some providers may reward you if you use electricity at non-peak times. Even if you already using non-peak tariff like this – your warehouse could still be paying more than it needs to for electricity. It’s time to switch.

Utility Bidder is an expert energy broker that has developed relationships not just with the Bix Six energy providers but many mid-sized and small providers that you may not even be aware of. As a result, we are best placed to find your logistics company the best gas and electricity tariff for your business. A better tariff means a reduced price and that could represent as much as 20% off your warehouse’s utility bills.

We do the legwork for you by speaking to the most relevant providers and all you need to do is give us your permission to act on your behalf and provide an old bill. That’s it. There is no catch. We find you’re a better tariff and then it’s up to you to decide whether or not to accept it. Once you do, we oversee the switch from one provider to another and you won’t notice a thing – except of course, the savings you make on your warehouse gas and electricity bills.

DIY energy savings


It goes without saying that heating, ventilation and air conditioning will be greedy guzzlers of energy. This means using the most up to date equipment but also keeping them well maintained. Even the smallest problem can mean your system is not working to full efficiency which could represent hundreds of pounds to your business.

Similarly, because docking doors are likely to be in regular use in your distribution centre or warehouse it pays to make regular inspections for gap or deficient seals to ensure cold air does not come into the building, or, that warm air escapes out.

If your distribution or warehousing centre is zoned for different uses, invest in technology that can turn lighting, heating and ventilation off and on when required. Health and safety is a priority for your business and this means there has been a tendency to flood the entire area with bright lighting – even those spaces not in regular use. Thanks to occupancy sensor technology this should no longer be necessary. Occupancy sensors are a great investment that can adjust the lighting in specific aisles that are not being regularly used. If you are thinking about occupancy sensors then it’s often a good idea to look at reviewing your lighting system too.

Although LEDs are more expensive than sodium, metal halide or fluorescent lighting, this money is recouped over time as they not only use less energy but also last a lot longer too and you will see significant savings from changing. LEDS lights are 50 times more efficient that fluorescents.

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Big savings for the planet

Climate change and reducing your warehouse’s carbon footprint has to be high on the agenda for your business. Any measure you can take to make it more environmentally friendly will garner positive PR and all businesses are likely to come under increased pressure to demonstrate their green credentials.

Now is the time to think about reducing your warehouse energy usage and costs. Utility Bidder will help your big business save big money by switching your provider so let’s get started. Call or email today.

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