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Newsagents, you don’t need us to tell you that you are among the hardest working retailers on the high street – with three quarters of you working seven days a week. You are among the earliest risers having to get up in the early hours to sort out the newspapers which, despite the popularity of social media are still read by millions.

Your flexibility has meant that you are able to respond to demands of the changing demographics of your customers often stocking all those little things that so many of us need on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that you have been described as the ‘unsung heroes’ and ‘top of the shops’.

However, those rising gas and electricity bills don’t recognise your heroism but thankfully Utility Bidder does, which is why we are working as hard as you to save businesses like yours ££££s on their utility bills (although we don’t get up quite as early).

You’re in safe hands

Utility bills are confusing which is why the idea of research the market goes to the bottom of your to do list. It’s no wonder SMEs don’t know where to start when it comes to understanding their gas and electricity bills. Could they be any more complicated? Bills are made up of many different elements, wholesale energy costs, transmission use costs, distribution use costs, climate change levy, metering costs and VAT to name but a few items you may find on your bill. That’s before you have even worked out which tariff you are on.

That’s why it makes sense to use a specialist such as Utility Bidder who will read and understand your bills before going on to search the gas and electricity market and find the best utility provider for your newsagent business. We could save your business up to 20% off the price you are paying for your gas and electricity. That’s got to be a front page story!

With numerous awards under our belt and a Trust Pilot rating others can only dream of, you know you are in safe hands and so let us help your newsagent save money on its gas and electricity costs.

Some other ways to save money in your newsagent business

Lighting plays a critical role in your newsagent business and includes general lighting, display lighting and signage. Make sure all your staff are encouraged to turn off unnecessary lights and consider occupancy sensors in stockrooms and toilets.

Many newsagents still use inefficient lighting but LED lights can save money and are quick and easy to fit. Over the last few years this lighting has seen considerable improvement and so if you still think of them as being dim or taking their time in coming on – you would be wrong. Technology has seen them become much more efficient in output, efficacy and reliability.

If your newsagent has refrigerated units you should be aware that the Carbon Trust

Say the energy used here could account for half of your total electricity bill! That means getting the right unit for your needs is vital. Avoid over filling shelves, make sure staff and customers close doors after use and install LED lighting inside the cabinets – switch them off outside trading hours. When it comes to upgrading – choose carefully as some units have considerably more running costs than other. The Carbon Trust offer a guide to buying which may help. Refrigeration technology guide (CTG046).

Business People Discussion Communication Togetherness Concept

How can we help you

It’s time to change your gas and electricity provider and lock in the best deals now. It’s never been easier to make the change, just call 0800 007 4001 and let’s get started.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Very friendly service from our sales executive Tom. Obviously has to go through the legals that was done as swiftly and without hassle - Paul Head

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Excellent service, many thanks to Steven Reid who helped me sort a problem I had with my supplier for years, he was very friendly, efficient, informative and guided me throughout - Nazima Din

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

I would recommend this company without reservation. The broker I usually speak to is Tom Horn, he is very efficient, helpful and friendly - Kate Threadgold

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Thanks to Sukie and Mike for making the renewal of our group Electricity contracts for 2019-20 the easiest they have been. A great team and, an excellent 'no nonsense' approach to what can be a confusing operation. Many thanks - Dave Parkyns