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Save energy and reduce bills for your mosque

Saving energy and reducing energy bills is something all communities strive to do.  However, as the Islamic community in particular suffers disproportionately from fuel poverty, helping your mosque lead the way in good energy management could also have a positive impact on the local community. One of the most effective methods to save on energy bills in your mosque is to switch energy suppliers.

Switch your mosque’s energy supplier

Save up to


of your mosques bills

As a general rule if you use the same supplier for your gas and electricity your mosque will save money. Although mosques are often characterized by their soaring domes the peaceful atmosphere inside is often enhanced by lots of artificial lights to illuminates the often dim, mosque interior.  These small lights look beautiful and are often very decorative, but they can be quite big users of energy.

One way to reduce the cost of energy is to replace the standard lights with their LED energy saving equivalent.  When mosques in Turkey carried out this type of replacement they saw a staggering 65% reduction in electricity costs. 


The price of gas is constantly fluctuating which makes it hard to keep track of running costs in your mosque.  Finding the most cost effective gas provider for your mosque can be time consuming which is why it is easier to hand the hard work to Utility Bidder.  Make sure you get the timing right though – don’t wait until your mosque’s gas contract is about to expire.  The best time to find a new supplier is when you have 6 – 12 months left on your existing mosque contract.

Once we have your letter of authorization and a past bill, our energy experts will search the market on behalf of your mosque.  Utility Bidder will work with its considerable supplier network to find the best price for your mosque’s gas provider and we could save your mosque anything up to 40% off the current providers’ renewal quote.

We will save you time & money

Time to find the best deal

Best Price in Minutes

Our UK based energy consultants will find you the best price in minutes! We have access to all major suppliers prices

Prices and tariffs

Save Money

We are so confident that we can beat your initial renewal quote that we will pay you £500 if we cant! *Terms and Conditions apply

Consultants / Broker

Hassle Free

Your account manager will complete all the paper work and set up your new utility contract with your supplier

Mosque utilities

Energy prices predicted to keep rising


With no end in sight to fluctuating and rising energy prices it is more important than ever to ensure your mosque is working with the most cost effective supplier for its gas and electricity.

Utility Bidder is an award-winning business that’s main aim is to provide its customers with cheaper energy bills.  We are very proud of our five star reviews on Trustpilot where hundreds of business have taken the time to write about how much money we have saved for them and how impressed they are with our service.

Gas, electricity and water are all precious commodities that we should not take for granted and if we can look after them in any way, no matter how small, it is to the benefit of future generations.  On a practical level, looking after our energy consumption will also see a reduction in the energy bills of the mosque and money saved on gas and electricity can be put to good use in the community.


It’s never been easier to save money on your mosque’s utility bills – just get in touch and we can start the process right away.

Have you checked your mosque's water bills?

Many mosques are still not aware that the water industry has been deregulated which means your mosque can shop around for the most cost effective water supplier. You no longer have to use your local water provider and your mosque can buy its water from any of the 25 water companies operating in the UK.

Utility Bidder works with many businesses to change water providers and we have noticed that around 1 in 10 of UK businesses may have been overcharged for their water. Could your mosque have been overcharged on its water bill?

If your mosque is due a rebate Utility Bidder will find it for you by going through up to six years of old bills.

Switching your mosque from one water provider to another to find the best service and price for you is easy as Utility Bidder will take care of all the searches and all the paperwork for you.

How much of your mosques expenditure is used on utilities

We know that electricity expenditure in your mosque will make up a significant part of your energy usage.  Most people appreciate they should switch their electricity provider but find the process of doing so time consuming and daunting.


However, if you want to find another supplier for your mosque’s electricity, Utility Bidder will do all the hard work so you don’t have to.  All we ask is that you sign a letter of authorization that gives us permission to act on your mosques behalf and provide us with your latest bill.  That’s it.


We will then search a comprehensive list of electricity suppliers for your mosque to find the best price and service we can.  You confirm you are happy to switch and we do all the paperwork for you to help move your mosque’s electricity provider to one that is more cost effective.


How many mosques are in the UK?

It is estimated that there are around 1,750 mosques around the UK and they come in all architectural shapes and sizes.

Is your Mosque Going Green

Making your mosque green

Just like in the home, your mosque should make full use of the thermostat – if it has one.  Obviously, worshippers should be comfortable which means that your temperature controls should synchronize with prayer times.  This can be done manually but thanks to smart technology, the temperature of the mosque can even be controlled remotely if that is more convenient.

As a religious building with intermittent occupancy lighting and heating should ideally, only come on when that particular part of the mosque is being used.  In areas that are not in constant use, like toilets or store rooms, consider fitting motion sensor detectors which will switch on a light as a person enters a room and then switch it off when he leaves.

Is your mosque's energy being used effectively?

When is your mosque at its fullest capacity?  Friday prayers certainly and of course you should use the necessary heating and lighting necessary to keep your worshippers comfortable.

While your mosque will be busy at least five times a day, how busy is it outside of prayer times?  Ideally, all your energy appliances should be synced to coincide with prayer times and if this has to be done manually, it’s important to ensure that somebody has responsibility for turning down thermostats and turning off lights once a room is not in use.

Many community groups are using mosques to run information sessions for locals on how to save energy at home - and these same principles can be applied in the mosque.

Sustainable energy in your mosque

Making your mosque a more sustainable building is great for future generations, but some mosques in older buildings or some without a financial surplus may find it hard to implement any major green initiatives, even if they want to.  However, there are small ways mosques can help reduce their carbon footprint and of course, save money on their utility bills.

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