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As a service station owner/manager you provide a vital service to customers. This is particularly true for those of you located in rural areas, when the welcoming bright signage of your business can offer a lifeline to drivers. Some may need that all important fuel to get them from A to B – others may need to fuel themselves with food or drink. While the signage may provide a friendly welcome for drivers, you know that it all adds to your service station’s considerable energy usage and therefore electricity bills.

Service stations want to reduce both their gas and electricity bills without compromising on customer safety and comfort and Utility Bidder is happy to help your service station business save money on bills. The process could not be easier. All your service station needs to do is give us authorization to speak to dozens of energy providers on your behalf and provide us with an old bill. You can get on with running your businesses while our energy experts search the market to find your service station a better price on energy bills. It really is that simple.

While Utility Bidder could potentially save your service station up to 20% on gas and electricity costs, there are, of course, ways you can help yourself and one area we recommend reviewing is lighting. As well as those welcoming external lights and signage, internally your service station will also be racking up the lighting costs in the retail environment.

Your service station lighting should shine bright


While your exterior lighting should shine brightly, Utility Bidder recommend switching your service station lighting to LED lighting as soon as feasibly possible. The light-emitting diode works by producing a steady distributed light which uses less energy than conventional lighting - The Grocer magazine reported that an LED spot costs £29 to run over its lifetime whereas a regular halogen would cost £206.

While the up-front cost is slightly more, LED lights last longer and so are more cost effective in the long term. LED lights can be used practically everywhere in your service station, from retail display cases to forecourt canopies - and LED illuminated contour tube lighting on the forecourt really shows off your service station brand to full advantage. In fact, it’s likely you will find your forecourt looks a lot brighter than your competitors

Keep your cool


If your chillers don’t have doors, consider putting them on – surveys suggest you could reduce your refrigeration costs by 40% and customers often browse for longer as they won’t feel cold.

In the meantime, regularly check sealants around fridge doors to check there are no leaks (place your hands around the edge of the doors and if you can feel a draft, doors probable need re-sealing). When it’s time to replace your refrigerated units, opt for those with high energy efficiency ratings.

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Switch your service station’s energy provider

While there is no doubt that you can reduce your service station’s energy costs by making changes such as those outlined above, we believe the best change of all is finding an energy provider for your service station that can beat your current energy prices. Wading through all the suppliers can be time consuming and frustrating, but allowing our award-winning energy experts to do it for you, will save you time, but most of all, it will save your service station money on gas and electricity bills.

Make a no obligation call today or drop us an email and let us work with you to ensure your service station remains competitive and profitable.

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