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Save money on stadium utility bills

There are around 5,000 sports stadiums in 224 countries and that equates to an awful lot of energy used. In fact, a few years ago, the press found that an American stadium was actually using more electricity than an African nation of 4 million people!

Closer to home - and there is no doubt that sports stadia, although not as large as their US counterparts, are still huge guzzlers of energy. This means the cost of bills for gas and especially electricity, can be sky high However, if you are a facilities manager at a sports stadium one way to look at reducing those costs by up to 20% will be by moving from your current gas and electricity provider to another supplier.

Switching a stadium's gas and electricity provider will save money

Electricity, in particular, will be responsible for a hefty financial outlay – lighting, hospitality, video, sound systems, broadcast equipment and so on. Regardless of the sport, electricity demands will be huge and so an easy way to look at reducing these costs is by switching your stadium's energy provider before the current contract comes to an end.

Once your stadium’s current electricity contract has around 6 – 12 month to run, get in touch with our expert team and we guarantee to find you a cheaper price than your existing provider’s renewal quote. All we need from you is a letter of authority to act on your behalf and a couple of old bills. The Utility Bidder energy experts will then search the energy market on behalf of your sports stadium to find you the most cost-effective price. 

The same applies to your stadium’s gas supplier provider. Let the award-winning team at Utility Bidder do all the hard work for you to find a more cost-effective gas provider for your sports stadium.

The sooner you lock into a new deal the better. Switching the electricity and gas supplier for a sports stadium has never been easier. We do the difficult work so that your facilities team can get on with their day to day job. Just give us your authority to find a cheaper utility supplier and your role is done.

Stadia are going green


Despite the shocking stories about sports stadia using more energy than a third world country, there is no doubt that things are changing. Sport is one of the world’s largest pastimes and so stadia do have a role to play in looking at new ways to reduce energy.

As new stadia are being developed they are mindful of how they consume energy and are being built to sustainable standards. More established venues are also examining ways they can reduce their gas and electricity consumption, not just to save money but to develop their environmental credentials.

However, regardless of whether sports stadia are winning sustainability awards or not, there is no getting away from the fact that some energy still has to be purchased from an external gas and electricity provider. If your sports stadium can get these utilities up to 20% cheaper than the current price, it makes sense to do so.

Let our winning team help yours. 

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Very friendly service from our sales executive Tom. Obviously has to go through the legals that was done as swiftly and without hassle - Paul Head

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

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Thanks to Sukie and Mike for making the renewal of our group Electricity contracts for 2019-20 the easiest they have been. A great team and, an excellent 'no nonsense' approach to what can be a confusing operation. Many thanks - Dave Parkyns