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Let us reduce the cost of warehousing utility bills

When it comes to the cost of utility prices in the wholesale industry – it’s a bit of a beast.  All those chilled goods to keep frozen or cold and all that lighting for what often huge spaces are can make electricity prices in particular, a major outlay.  However, whether you are a wholesaler trading independently or, whether you are working as part of a group, the experts at Utility Bidder could help you switch energy suppliers to find the most cost effective prices for you warehouse gas and electricity.

The wholesale market

The wholesale industry has not been helped by the volatility in the sector and a sluggish growth in consumer confidence. The various categories of wholesale and cash and carry businesses have had mixed fortunes but we recognize how wholesalers remain critical routes to business for independent retailers,  foodservice providers and these days, even non-trade customers.  It is clear that thanks to the continued demand for natural, fresh and healthy products – whether that’s to eat and drink at home, or to consume outside the home, chilled produce is an important growth area.

The good news is that trends suggest that market growth is anticipated over the coming years, albeit quite slowly.  This means that cash and carry and wholesale businesses must be continually looking at all areas of their operations to maintain competitiveness and drive efficiency costs.  One area that could save your business considerable money is by reviewing how much it costs to heat and light your warehouse business and its operations.

Whether your wholesale business is considered a small player in the sector or whether you are part of a warehouse buying group, the experts at Utility Bidder have the know how, knowledge and experience to secure you the best deal on your new gas and electricity contract.

The warehouse energy experts

Many warehousing operators we speak to assume their energy costs are fixed – therefore there is nothing they can do to change them or make savings.  However, it is important to remind warehousing businesses that their gas and electricity costs are only fixed for a limited contacted period – and it is never too soon to start thinking about a new gas and electricity provider. 

The award winning Utility Bidder team has been collaborating with wholesalers in the UK for years and we have helped customers across many industry sectors to save considerable sums on their gas and electricity bills.  We consider it an integral part of our job to educate and inform our warehouse and cash and carry customers about other ways they can save money on their utility bills.  You can get as much or as little information from our energy experts as you want - but regardless of how you use our knowledge, we are confident that we will save money on your warehousing gas and electricity bills.

As well as keeping warehousing clients up to date with the latest news and energy consumption trends in the warehousing sector, Utility Bidder will procure the most cost efficient gas and electricity contracts.  You may also be eligible for grant funding to secure products that will help your business become more sustainable.  

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Get started today on saving your warehouse money on your gas and electricity

At Utility Bidder, we like to help our clients save money on their energy bills in more than one way, we don’t just secure cheap utility contracts and send you on your way. We’re gathering tips from industry experts to help you lower your energy bills by becoming more energy efficient. Therefore, we have listed some tips at the links below.

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The challenge for warehousing

Here at Utility Bidder we appreciate just how complex it can be to save money in a warehouse environment.  Different areas may need to be maintained at different temperatures – you want your office staff and customers to operate at a comfortable temperature – yet you have to store chilled goods in another.

Nevertheless, regardless of how big or small your warehousing capability – energy costs can be reduced when you know how.   The major energy suppliers are keen to tie in customers for longer periods based on what may look like attractive fixed rates.  This is due to the volatility of the energy markets – however, signing up to a longer-term contract in the belief it could save you money could tie your warehouse to an electricity or gas deal that could be costing you hundreds if not thousands of pounds extra.

Warehouse and cash and carry buying groups

We know that many warehousing and cash and carry outlets have formed buying groups – the power of the group makes them a stronger force but you could become even stronger with Utility Bidder.  We don’t just work with separate business entities we can also act on behalf of buying groups too.

The principle remains the same – simply give us a letter of authority on behalf of the group and let us go to market on your behalf to secure a deal for all warehouse businesses within the group.  

Reduce your carbon footprint

As a major energy consumer, we know how responsible warehousing operations are keen to be seen to be reducing their gas and electricity use, which will reduce energy consumption and of course, ultimately energy bills.


As well as being good for your bottom line, sustainability will also enhance your corporate social responsibility credentials – always good for your corporate reputation. 


*Use data loggers to improve temperature management. For example, the different season’s impact on the evaporating temperature and data loggers will automatically help with the adjustments. They will help ensure that your warehouse will not over cool in blast freezers and reduce the temperature difference between air and refrigerant.

*Quick and easy savings can be made by installing LED lightbulbs, which have now reduced in price considerably since they were first introduced.  With a lifespan of as much as 50,000 hours, LED lights offer a ten-fold increase in life expectancy of a halogen bulb.  In a large warehousing operation, what may seem like a small change can result in a big win.

*Carry out your own internal energy audit by walking around all areas of your warehouse or cash and carry.  Are warehouse doors or loading bays kept open for no reason?  The climate control system will struggle to maintain a consistent internal temperature.  Are there areas where lights are kept on when they do not need to be?  Are all your thermostats set at the right levels?

*Refrigeration is going to be a major cost.  Is your equipment the most energy efficient as it could be?  Is it running according to the manufacturer’s instructions?  Appliances like an Energy Miser could monitor the space and temperature inside your chilled cabinets and so reduce energy use.

Independent warehouses and cash and carry’s

Sometimes it can feel lonely when you are an independent warehouse or cash and carry – but let Utility Bidder ‘join your team’ as your in-house energy experts.  That means you can rely on Utility Bidder to work hard to find you the best price for your warehouse gas and electricity supplies.

A recent report from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that only 21 per cent of SME’s switched energy supplier in the last year. Firms said they thought they already had a good deal and that the whole process was far too complex.

That could be the case if your warehouse does try to navigate the energy markets on your own.  However, with Utility Bidder by your side and doing all the hard work for you – there is really no reason why you can’t switch the gas and electricity provider for your independent warehouse.

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