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Global water Footprint

Which country uses the most water per person?

A constantly growing global population and the effects of climate change have led to an increase in water conservation methods worldwide. The myth of an abundance of water couldn’t be further from the truth - only around 3% of the Earth’s water is suitable for human use and consumption and as demand outweighs supply, more people are conscious of their water usage.

We wanted to find out which country in the world uses the most water, so we looked at the average number of gallons consumed per person per day in some of the world’s major countries. We also wanted to find out which areas of the United Kingdom are the most and least water-conscious so we looked at the daily supply of water by each major provider.

Which country uses the most water?

The water footprint of each country measures the amount of freshwater directly and indirectly consumed by each member of the population. The daily water usage per person relates to water consumed from daily activities like showers, baths, flushing, and drinking water.

While it might seem like the Earth has an abundance of water given that around 71% of its surface is covered by it, around 96.5% of the planet’s water supply isn’t suitable for daily use. Most of the water on Earth is ocean water, with just 3% being freshwater which is what we use for drinking, bathing, and growing crops.


United Arab Emirates


Gallons per person per day


United States


Gallons per person per day




Gallons per person per day



Water Usage (gallons/person/day)

Which UK region uses the most water?

The UK’s Environment Agency chief executive has warned that climate change and increasing global temperatures will lead to a risk of water shortages in the UK, urging the need for water efficiency measures.

Since only around 3% of the Earth’s water is freshwater, and usable by people for drinking, bathing and irrigation, the planet’s water supply may not be enough to meet rising demand from a growing population.

By looking at each major water supplier in the UK, we calculated the average daily water supply per person by UK region. We found the daily water supply of each provider and the number of customers served to work this out.


Greater London & Thames valley

(Thames Water)


litres per person


Northern Ireland

(Thames Water)


litres per person


Cambridge& st ives

(Cambridge Water)


litres per person

Water supplier

Areas covered

Daily water supply (litres)

Number of customers

Dally water supply per person (litres)

Areas covered


Water Usage (gallons/person/day)

How to save water at home

Open the tap less

Only open taps and faucets just enough to lightly water your hands when washing.

Take shorter showers

Reducing the time you spend in the shower, and reducing the frequency of baths can help save water.

Fill your dishwasher & washing machine

Avoid using appliances like the dishwasher and laundry machine unless you have a full load.

Use cleaning sprays

Cleaning products and sprays can be more effective than a damp cloth and reduce your water consumption.

Place a jug of water in the fridge

For instantly cold water without having to run the tap, use a jug of water in the fridge.

Making these small changes can have an enormous wide-scale impact on the availability of water in the UK and in your home. If you use a water meter, these simple adjustments can even help you save money.

How to save water for businesses

Ask staff to reduce water usage

Ask your staff to implement water-conserving behaviours, so that they use water-based appliances in your business, and are conscious of their usage.

Update your equipment

Old or poorly maintained equipment can be water inefficient, leading to increased water usage.

Install water-saving devices

Toilet water-saving devices can help save one to three litres per flush and low-flow faucet aerators can help conserve water.


We wanted to find out how much water countries around the world and regions in the UK consume.

We calculated the daily water supply per person by UK water provider by sourcing the total number of customers and average daily water supply of each provider directly from each company’s official website. All figures are from 2020 or later where available. Data regarding Scottish Water and Southern Water is from 2016 and 015 respectively. Water suppliers for which the relevant information was unavailable were omitted.

We sourced the average water usage in each country in gallons per person per day from Water Calculator and all figures are from 2017.

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