Reducing corporate energy usage starts from the top

With customers paying more attention than ever to the green credentials of a business, ensuring that you meet your sustainability and corporate social responsibility targets has never been more important.

However, not every business can afford to incorporate electric vehicles into their fleet or install solar panels on their office. Despite this, there are many little ways that offices can reduce their commercial energy usage – when repeated on a daily basis, these little savings will cumulatively add up, resulting in reduced energy consumption, reduced operating costs and a business that is better for the environment.

Getting employees on board

These little things are commonplace, and everyone knows about them; turning off lights when not using a room, recycling where possible and being more conscious about how much water you put in the kettle can all have serious benefits over time. However, one of the challenges is getting your employees to change their behaviours to match your energy reduction needs. For most of them, your business energy targets are just numbers on a computer screen that don’t really affect them or their daily job.

Managers must lead from the top

But basic psychology can be used to change your employees’ behaviours. In any hierarchical situation, those lower down in the chain will emulate and adopt the behaviour of those above them – this is a hardwired evolutionary mechanism, as copying the behaviour of those above you means you are more likely to get to that position yourself. In an office environment, this means employees will copy the behaviour of the management.

This is extremely useful when it comes to business energy reduction. By having managers openly act as energy conscious individuals and take the necessary steps to reduce energy usage, the rest of the staff will follow, creating the large cumulative energy reductions your business wants.

As well as ensuring changes in your office behaviour, an excellent way to manage your business gas and business electricity more effectively (as well as reducing operating costs!) is by changing your business energy supplier. At Utility Bidder, we arrange gas and electric contracts for UK businesses of any size in every sector. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us.

Image source: Light bulb in mans hand by wuestenigel licensed under licensed under Creative commons 4

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