The UK powered for more than 1,000 hours without coal

The UK hit a new milestone for clean energy last week after powering more than 1,000 hours without the use of coal.

Beast from the east

Earlier this year we were hit with impacts from the ‘beast from the east’, which inevitably pushed up gas prices and put pressure on coal plants to fire up once again. This demand for coal proved to be short-lived, as figures released by MyGridGB showed the country passed a new threshold of supplying energy without coal in the early hours of Friday 13th.

An accelerating shift away from coal

The figures clearly show that there is an accelerating shift away from coal power. During the whole of 2017 there were 6124 coal-free hours, which was an increase of 210 hours when compared to 2016.

For the first time since the start of the industrial revolution, the UK achieved its first day without coal in 2017, with only three days in a row so far in 2018.

The decline of coal power

In 2012 the UK relied on coal to provide 40 percent of all electricity, however so far this year it has provided the country with less than 6%. It is expected that this decline will continue to accelerate throughout the remainder of 2018, with coal plants scheduled for closure in Yorkshire and Northern Ireland, leaving just six across the UK.

Increasing reliance on renewable sources

We are experiencing a decreasing reliance on coal, as the country achieves record amounts of electricity from the renewable sector. According to figures released by the government, in the first three months of this year the renewable sector supplied over 30 percent of the country’s electricity.

The renewable sector has benefited from new turbines and higher wind speeds, which together have boosted electricity generation from the offshore windfarms by 53%.

The solar power figures are also displaying record levels, thanks to the brilliant weather we have experienced in recent weeks. This month the country met a new solar output record, by generating 1.94 terawatt hours of power.

The UK is continuing to lead the world into a new era of power, and here at Utility Bidder we are committed to supporting a cleaner, greener future. To find out more about our corporate energy deals, please contact our team today.

Image source: Darling Wind Farm by warrenski licensed under Creative commons 4

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