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Three reasons to switch energy supplier

In the cut and thrust of day to day business, some of the essential overheads which we need to pay can get lost as we focus on strategy, marketing or sales. When was the last time you checked your energy bill, for instance? You might be able to find a better deal elsewhere. Here are some reasons to consider making the switch to a different supplier:

1. You are paying too much

Quite simply, if you haven’t checked what you are paying against the market rates, there is a chance that you could be paying too much for your business gas and electricity. Rates vary regularly, so if you haven’t seen the type of packages being offered in the last 12 months, you could be forking out more than you need to. It can be a time consuming process to check all the latest rates against your own prices, so consider the appointment of a specialist firm which can take the time to compare prices on your behalf, as well as negotiate the best deal.

2. You haven’t seen what smaller suppliers can offer

While the big name energy providers offer the reassurance of a well known brand and a large customer service set up, it is possible their prices, as well as the service they offer, does not live up to their grand status. There are now many smaller energy providers on the market who can sell you better value gas or electricity packages, as well as deliver more personal and responsive customer service.

3. Your bills are too expensive

If the bills for your energy supplies are stacking up and causing you a financial headache, that could be an indicator that you can find a better deal elsewhere. By searching for a new supplier, and in many cases consolidating your supplies, you can reduce your overheads and ease the financial strain which comes with these periodical payments. Why pay more money than you need to and put your cash flow, and entire business, in jeopardy?

So those are just three factors which can play a part in the decision of businesses to switch energy suppliers – is it time you made the move? Contact us today and chat to our expert team of consultants.

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