What are the benefits of using green energy sources?

You wouldn’t be mistaken to have developed a belief that green energy is a buzzword used frequently by energy companies today. In 2016, then Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom, committed the Government to establish as law the goal for net zero emissions post-2050. It’s a challenge, but one that should be risen to.

We cannot remove carbon (and the subsequent emissions and negative impacts on our planet) from our country until we start effectively banishing carbon from our heating – which accounts for around 45% of the total energy use in the UK. But what are the benefits of using green energy sources and why should more people, particularly businesses, start making the switch for their commercial energy sources?

Well, the biggest advantage of green energy sources is that they never run out. Whilst the traditional fossil fuels such as coal are widely used and likely will be for some time, they’re going to run out eventually – and what will we do when that happens? We’re producing more eco-friendly energy each year and countries across the globe are making giant pushes to further roll out the development of green energy sources and to start implementing their usage. Whether it be through tidal energy, solar energy or Green Gas Mills – it’s clear that there needs to be a big push towards green energy not just for the sake of businesses looking good, but for the benefit and ultimate continuation of the planet.

The further adoption of renewable energy sources will help in the fight to slow down global warming, the arguable crisis of our times. Public health will also be improved by abandoning the carbon-emitting fossil fuels of a bygone age and implementing more environmentally friendly methods of energy production. Health of the public would be improved due to the decrease in emissions which can be linked to breathing problems, heart attacks and even cancer.

It’s becoming increasingly clear why switching over to green energy sources is evermore crucial for our planet and even our health – and businesses have a role to play by being at the forefront of this transition.

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