Why your business should perform an energy audit

There can be no denying that even the most savvy businesses struggle with energy efficiency from time-to-time. Even energy-conscious companies can benefit from having an annual audit. If you’ve not taken the opportunity to optimise your energy consumption in the past 12 months, perhaps now is the time to do so.

What is an energy audit?

Put simply, an energy audit is where you take stock of:

• How and when your business uses energy
• How much energy your business uses
• How you can implement strategies to reduce energy use

The process can be as easy as walking around your office to see if you can spot any potential energy wastage. While this might seem like a laborious process, there are a number of important reasons why your business should be performing an energy audit, which we’ll look at now:

1) You could cut business energy costs

The most obvious reason to audit your corporate energy use is the money you could save by doing so. Anything you can do to reduce usage (unplugging appliances when they aren’t in use, or updating to more energy-efficient technology, for example) will ultimately mean more money in the bank. Of course, it depends on what’s feasible for your business.

One major component of your energy audit should involve checking if you could be getting a better commercial energy deal with another supplier. With Utility Bidder, it’s easy to find the best possible business electricity and business gas rates, regardless of your consumption levels.

2) Your business could run more efficiently

By implementing a company policy to be more environmentally-conscious, you could inspire your workforce to do more with less. This means increased productivity, and your employees might even feel like they’re achieving more by adopting green credentials, which is great for morale.

3) Your business will be more compliant

If you want to keep in line with the latest government energy regulations, such as the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard, you’re going to need to audit. If you don’t comply with these regulations, you could risk a fine. In severe cases, your business could even be shut down – so get energy smart, save money and enjoy helping the environment instead.

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