Why your company’s energy usage matters

You may think that it is a small concern when compared to sales targets, profits and how much interest you are paying your bank, but there are three very good reasons why you should pay attention to your company’s energy usage.

Green concerns

Switching to energy-saving methods, renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly systems can all work toward reducing the national carbon footprint. Now it is true that any one home and any one business will only make a tiny difference to that overall carbon footprint and that the finger should be pointed at huge industrial complexes whose energy consumption equals that of entire towns. However, if a million, two million, even ten million small businesses and homes make significant changes to their energy sourcing, it will all add up: a step in the right direction.

More of the folding stuff for you

The beauty of renewable energy sources, and wind and solar-powered systems, is that it will cost you less in the long run, and on particularly windy or sunny days (depending on the source) you may actually end up being paid for putting energy into the national grid – this means that your renewable source is so effective that it is providing for all your energy needs, and having some leftover to ‘sell’ as it were, for others to use.

More productive employees

Even if you cannot entirely switch your business gas and business electricity contracts over to renewable sources, do not be tempted to enforce a colder or warmer working environment by reducing the thermostat or turning off the air conditioning. If an office is uncomfortable, several things can happen, none of which are ideal for good business. Employees will be reluctant to come to work, arriving late, leaving early and ensuring that they take their lunch break outside of the office; productivity drops when people are uncomfortable as they are distracted from their work and unable to concentrate; and your employees, your team that you have carefully put together by a selective hiring process, will easily be tempted away if they competition has a more comfortable working environment.

It is sometimes the small things that can make the difference in the success or otherwise of a business. So while you should, of course, ensure that the big things are looked after, be sure that you also take care of the small things that can have a bigger impact on the working environment than you might realise.

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