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Introducing Business Insurance with Utility Bidder in partnership with Simply Business, where protection meets peace of mind. Our new partnership with Simply Business brings you access to a comprehensive range of solutions to help you safeguard your business endeavours.

With their expertise you can choose from quotes from a range of leading insurers to help you find the appropriate cover for your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Together, we aim to simplify the process of securing the right insurance for your specific needs. Compare business insurance quotes and protect your business now.

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How does Utility Bidder business insurance work?

Whether it’s a third-party injury or a significant professional indemnity claim, as a business owner, there’s always a possibility that things may not go as planned.

From public liability insurance, and professional indemnity insurance to employers’ liability coverage, business or commercial insurance can provide comprehensive protection for the many risks you encounter.

With our partnership with Simply Business, you can quickly access insurance covers from trusted insurers to protect your business.

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What is business insurance for?

Business insurance serves as a safeguard to help shield your company from some legal costs, unforeseen losses or claims that may arise. While it’s impossible to prevent the unexpected, having the appropriate business insurance policy in effect helps you have financial protection.

Typically, business insurance policies encompass various forms of coverage, such as employer’s liability insurance, public liability insurance, and professional indemnity insurance.

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Types of business insurance

Our partnership with Simply Business allows you to access several types of business insurance. This combines Utility Bidder’s focus on helping businesses save money with Simply Business’s expertise in specialised insurance coverage.

Public liability insurance shields your business from claims related to accidental injuries or property damage, whether they come from your customers, visitors, or locations you visit.

Employers’ liability insurance safeguards you and your limited company from claims related to work-related injuries or illnesses made by your employees. It’s a legal requirement if you have employees working for your business (unless you only employ family).

Professional indemnity insurance protects by covering the cost of claims and legal expenses if you’ve made an error or provided incorrect advice, leading to a financial loss, and a client files a claim against you.

Running a business is difficult, we make insuring your business simple!

Running a business, whether it’s just starting, or you’ve been at it for a while, comes with many things to handle Our partner Simply Business specialises in providing insurance for small businesses, such as:

  1. Really small businesses (with 0-9 employees)
  2. People who work for themselves (like freelancers)
  3. One-person businesses (sole traders)

With their types of business insurance, you can choose the coverage that fits your business best. This way, you only pay for what you really need and nothing extra. It’s all about making insurance easy for your small business.

Saving Energy at work
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Building your business insurance quote

You have the flexibility to tailor your policy to your specific business requirements.

For many businesses, public liability insurance is a crucial component of their cover. Additionally, if you have employees, you are legally obliged to obtain business insurance, even if they are contractors, part-time workers, or temporary staff (unless you only employ family).

It’s ultimately your responsibility to determine the most suitable coverage for negligent services in your particular industry.

When purchasing insurance, it’s vital to provide accurate answers to all questions and select cover levels that are sufficiently high to ensure protection in case you need to file a claim.

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Is business insurance a legal requirement?

In certain situations, yes, business insurance can be necessary. If your business has employees, including volunteers, apprentices, contractors, or temporary workers, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement as per the Employers’ Liability Act of 1969. This legal obligation doesn’t apply if you exclusively employ family members, although it’s still available to consider for added protection.

By law, you must have at least £5 million in liability coverage. Simply Business, offers a standard coverage of £10 million. This helps ensure that if someone gets injured or falls ill due to their work for your business, even years later, you can have confidence in your coverage.

Although not legally mandated, it’s worth noting that some clients may request proof of specific types of insurance, such as public liability insurance, before offering you work. Additionally, certain professional regulatory bodies may have their own requirements for professional indemnity insurance. You’ll be asked about your professional body membership when you request a quote, if applicable to your business. And the insurance documentation  you receive will demonstrate you meet those requirements.

You have the option to include this business insurance in your policy when you request a quote online.

Frequently asked questions

The insurance coverage your business requires depends on several factors, including the type of business you operate, its size, location, industry, and specific risks associated with your operations.

The COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns compelled small businesses, of all sizes and across various industries to temporarily shut down. Some had to close their physical outlets, while others faced disruptions in their supply chains that rendered them unable to operate.

While certain business interruption policies might have offered a form of coverage akin to forced closure insurance, numerous small business owners discovered they were not protected because their policies did not encompass such events. Whether you’re purchasing coverage or filing a claim, the precise wording of the policy is of paramount importance.

You can get insurance before your business is registered. But if you intend to set up a trading name or be a limited company, the policy will need to be updated which could incur additional administration charges.

In many cases, you can obtain business insurance without having a trade licence, but the availability of insurance and the specific requirements may depend on the type of insurance and the regulations in your location.

The amount of excess (also known as a deductible) you should expect to pay on your business insurance policies can vary widely depending on the type of insurance and the specific policy terms.

The cost of your business insurance, also known as the premium, can be influenced by several factors. Insurance companies consider these factors when determining the price of your coverage. While these factors can vary depending on the type of insurance and the insurer.

Public liability insurance primarily covers claims made by third parties, such as customers, clients, or members of the public, who allege that your business’s actions or negligence caused them injury or property damage. It generally does not cover the actions of employees themselves while they are acting within the scope of their employment.

However, if an employee’s actions result in injury or damage to a third party, and your business is found liable for those actions, public liability insurance provides cover for legal and compensation costs. In such cases, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your policy terms and any exclusions that may apply.

The requirement for business insurance when you are self-employed can vary depending on several factors, including your business activities, location, and industry.

Whether you need insurance coverage when working from home depends on several factors, including the nature of your business, your homeowners or renters’ insurance policy, and any legal or contractual requirements.

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UTILITY BIDDER LIMITED (Financial Services Registration No: 1001251) is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Xbridge Limited trading as Simply Business which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Registration No: 313348).

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