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The latest government guidelines have revealed that we can begin to return to a more normal life. As of the 4th of July, we will see a majority of the hospitality sector return to work, this includes pubs, bars and restaurants.

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Save Money on Pub Energy Costs with Utility Bidder

There are around 48,000 pubs in the UK. The great British pub remains one of our most treasured institutions, but this doesn’t mean they’re easy to run. The costs of running a pub can be very high. For many in the pub sector, it can be a weekly battle to keep energy bills at a manageable level. This is why it makes sense to do all you can to make savings.

If energy expenses are eating into your profits, it’s time to take action. Comparing business energy contracts with Utility Bidder could not be easier. We enjoy premier status with major UK energy suppliers, which gives us access to exclusive tariffs and products. We compare unit rates, standing charges and more to ensure you’re paying the fairest price across the board. With our help, you can switch to a better deal and get gas and electricity bills in check.

Switching your gas, energy or water supplier could be one of the best moves you ever make. Moving to a better value plan with a new utility provider could save your pub hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year.

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Improving Energy Efficiency In Your Pub

There’s nothing better than an ice-cold pint in a nice warm pub after a hard day’s work. This is why creating a lovely, cosy atmosphere inside your pub is so crucial. But keeping your customers warm can be expensive. Our friends at the Carbon Trust have a number of simple ideas to help you keep your pub’s energy costs down.

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3 energy saving tips for pubs

1. Heating

Ideally, you should have different thermostats for different areas of the pub. This helps you to manage heating in zones. However, you should keep these thermostats away from cold or hot areas such as back doors and kitchens.

20°C to 22°C is the ideal temperature for your pub. As soon as your thermostat goes above 22°C, you could be losing money. And remember, you won’t need as much heating if your pub is packed with customers.

2. Lighting

Around a quarter of your pub’s energy costs can be attributed to lighting. Of course, effective lighting is necessary for your pub’s ambiance. It’s also important for the safety of your staff and customers. By installing LED lighting and/or automatic lighting controls, you can trim your electricity bills down to size.

3. The cellar

How well insulated is your cellar? Doors and hatches should be insulated as much as possible to save energy. Your staff should always ensure they are closed immediately after use.  Similarly, heating pipes and fittings should also be insulated.

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Around 10% of energy used in the pub will be for keeping beverages cold. Roughly half of this is for cellar cooling. Simply changing the layout could save you money. Keep heat producing equipment such as line coolers and ice makers outside of the cellar, provided they are kept in a well-ventilated space.

The recommended cellar temperature is around 11°C-13°C. It should be regularly checked. This is because overcooling by as little as 1°C can raise cellar energy costs by up to 10%.

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    What Affects Pub Energy Costs?

    When it comes to pub operating costs, the highest is usually staff wages. However, the next major outlay for most British pubs is utilities. The cost of gas, energy and water can vary between different types of pub. Other factors include location, the size of the pub, its age and general state of repair. If your pub has live music or other entertainment, you could also end up paying more for energy.

    Utility Bidder knows that each pub is unique. Even if part of a chain, working within a particular pub model, each establishment has different needs. Our expert business energy consultants take the time to understand your business plan, as well as your needs. This includes consumption and usage, equipment and budget.

    We work with pubs of all sizes, all over the UK. We help owners, landlords, tenants and lessees across the whole pub industry. Our insight and experience is what makes Utility Bidder stand out from other business energy brokers.

    If there are opportunities to make savings, we’ll find them. So, if reducing utility bills is crucial for your pub, compare business energy suppliers with Utility Bidder.

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    When it comes to the costs associated with running a pub, the highest is staff wages, but the next major outlay is utility costs.  The cost of gas and energy in a pub will of course depends on the size of the pub, its location and its age and general state of repair.

    Utility Bidder works with many pubs, large and small up and down the country and we know that each pub is unique, but we also know that reducing the cost of our pubs gas and electricity bills is always of vital importance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    While you can save hundreds of pounds by putting in some simple measures yourself, by far the best savings will come from switching your pubs gas and electricity provider.

    You will already be aware of the Minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) now implemented in commercial buildings.  There is both a public and political movement to focus on energy efficiency in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of a pub business.  As well as being kind to the planet, energy efficiency will also ensure you are being kind to your pub’s bottom line.

    Utility Bidder has saved many pub businesses considerable sums of money by helping then switch their gas and electricity providers.  Add your pub’s name to the list and call time on spiraling utility costs in your pub.

    Small community turnover  4,000 4.8
    Community wet-led  5,000 4.6
    Community wet-led  8,000 4,0
    Community wet-led 12,000 3.1
    Rural character  5,000 5.4
    Rural character  8,000 4.4
    Town centre pub/bar 10,000 3.8
    Town/country food-led 15,000 4.5
    Town/country food-led 10,000 3.8

    Some customers aren’t on the correct tariff for their consumption, this effects small and large businesses. We can look in to bill and usage history to determine what the best tariff is for you.

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